The ATS to fast-track your talent.

Streamline and centralize the hiring experience for everyone. And we mean everyone: Full timers, part timers, any timers. Hourly, executive, one-off and high-volume. Whoever you’re recruiting, you’ll increase efficiency and improve outcomes from day one with a workflow engine like no other.

"We’ve been able to take manual tasks off the recruiter’s plate and save a tremendous amount of time. Looking at our automated reminders across all workflows, we’re picking up an average of five to six days in terms of time to fill.”

Rob Felicetta
Senior Director, HR Operational Services

Let workflows work for you

Now you can automate multi‑step processes for any combination of user or workforce type. Our out-of-the-box and custom workflows remove the bottlenecks. That increases the pace and takes away the heavy lifting, freeing up your teams for higher value work.

Move forward with ease

Requisition management? We got you. Pipeline process, candidate comms, activity status and more are all at job level. Automated tools like interview self-scheduling and feedback reminders drive better experiences for all. And creating job offers? It’s never been simpler thanks to our pre-set templates. Click. Preview. Send.

Let us show you

Increase efficiency and improve outcomes from day one with a workflow engine like no other. Check out our 3 minute demo and then get in touch with us to get started today.
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Log on just once with single sign-on (SSO)
Smart API integrations and data export for easy integration
Safe and compliant with OFCCP, EEO and GDPR privacy regulations
Local language support
Cross-department collaboration tools
Invite your favorite staffing firm with our agency portal

See the full picture

Having clear visibility of your pipeline and candidates makes everything fast and easy. Access quick candidate funnel summaries with every job, along with the ability to segment applicants and view resumés in one user-friendly interface. No more searching. No more guessing.

Integrate, analyze, act

To scale, flex and stay agile, you need data. And the kind of data you need is real-time, digestible and actionable. Our natively built solutions integrate seamlessly with your eco-system, to give you a 360-degree view of every talent data point, and one system of record.

Our next-gen ATS could automate 40% of manual steps managed by your recruiters.

Sadly, they’re too buried in routine tasks to look around.
So, while we have your attention, let’s get you booked for that demo.

Ready to flow?

The Everyone Platform™ really will help you perform better, faster. It’s time to book that demo and see it for yourself.

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