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There's customer support. Then there's customer success.

Recruiting doesn't happen on its own, no matter how automated the system is. To really make the most of your tech, you’ll need a partner that’s with you every step of the way—and we are. From customized plans designed around your objectives, to monthly forums where we share best practice, you'll have the dedication, service and support you need to succeed.

Case studies

Informatica finds their flow

How a growing global business streamlined 700 hours, 35% costs, 6 days and 5 tools with 1 talent platform.
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Pivot Health Solutions finds their flow

How Pivot Health Solutions achieved a healthy 40% hire rate from its events.
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Talbots finds their flow

How Talbots smartened up its CRM and hit a conversion rate of 13.5%
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Teradata finds their flow

How Teradata cut their average time to fill by 25% – while saving time and labor.
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Meet the demand for contingent talent
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Make a smooth transition to new tech
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Set new standards in productivity
Ops Managers
Deliver ROI in tech, people and process
Be free to do what you’re best at

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