Engage and retain the best

Keep top performers and meet critical business needs by engaging internal talent with opportunities for mobility.

Match talent to jobs with AI
Nurture internal talent pools
Make employee referrals easy

Let AI do the hard work on engagement

Keep internal talent engaged and informed with AI-powered job alerts. These automated shortlists will ensure employees are always aware of the possibilities. And as for you? You’ll have the best internal talent engaged before you even need to think about external sourcing.

Invite employees to the pool

Maintain your internal talent pool with automated nurture campaigns. Our easy-to-use tools mean you can quickly build and manage communications and landing pages just for them. And that means faster time to hire, stronger engagement, better retention rates and shorter time to productivity.

Re-energize the referral process

It doesn’t have to be a drag. Encourage employees to refer potential hires with a process that's easy, fast and fun. With a built-in dashboard for gamification, everyone can follow the status of their referrals, and see how they stack up against teammates.

Most enterprise organizations plan to redeploy workers to support another function.

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(Source: Towers Watson)

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