Our story

Diane Smith and Jayne Kettles have already changed the way talent acquisition leaders use technology to boost performance, build agility and drive results.

Now they’re doing it again.

They founded GR8 People in 2015 to address a major industry issue: while recruiters had changed the way they work, their tech stack was stuck in the past.

Total talent acquisition

The industry is struggling with siloed systems, tools that can’t speak to each other and quite frankly “solutions” that are disjointed, expensive and make more work for everyone. The answer: a single recruiting system for the entire workforce, and every stage of the recruitment lifecycle. An agile solution, with an ATS, Talent CRM, AI sourcing engine and career site builder, all in one. And that’s just what the team at GR8 People built.
Today, The Everyone Platform™ helps users around the world do their job better, faster, and more simply.
But this is just the start.

GR8 People is on a mission to accelerate the world’s talent flow.

Diane Smith,
Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

Diane isn’t just CEO. She’s the company’s head coach: the driving force behind our strategic direction, and our commitment to teamwork, platform excellence and superior customer service.

Before founding GR8 People, Diane was co-founder and CEO at VirtualEdge Corporation, a worldwide leader in Talent Lifecycle Software until its acquisition by Automatic Data Processing Inc.

“I believe in possibility,” says Diane.

Jayne Kettles,
Chief Product Officer & Co-founder

Jayne is our technological visionary. She’s been a major innovator in the enterprise software industry for more than 15 years. But always to a purpose – she’s a gifted leader with a relentless focus on customer value.

It’s an approach that has served her – and her customers – well. Previously, Jayne was co-founder and Chief Technical Officer at VirtualEdge, alongside Diane.

“My favorite question is ‘What if?’,” says Jayne.

Meet our leadership team

Jack Coapman
Chief Strategy Officer
Patrick Amaral
Chief Customer Officer
Mike Cataldo
Chief Technology Officer
Kristie Ferri
Joe Adams
VP, Site Reliability Engineering
Russ Ferri
VP, Engineering
Alex Ockford
VP, Implementation
Great people put people first
Great people make the complex simple
Great people find a better way
Great people share knowledge generously
Great people do the right thing (no matter what others may think)
Great people triumph together

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