Connect with tomorrow's talent

Streamline, automate and personalize every step of the candidate journey to hire Gen Z talent faster.

“GR8 People is an extension of our recruiting team. Achieving a 40% hire conversion rate for in-demand talent—especially Gen Zers—has only been possible with their support and technology.”

Lisa Hyder
Vice President of Talent Acquisition

Connect on campus or virtually
Text talent for immediate communication
Run automated campaigns, pre-screens & scheduling

Graduate to next-level virtual and campus events

Market and manage your virtual events in one unified and seamless solution. Our iPad app scans and parses candidates’ resumés directly into the system. No wifi? No problem. Everything auto-syncs when you’re back online.

Text to connect instantly with Gen Z talent

Reach Gen Z talent on their own terms and mobile devices. Sending a common candidate response in seconds? We've got the template. Adding a text message to your recruiting workflow? Check. Short links to jobs, event registrations and targeted landing pages? They’re all ready to go.

Automate what’s not so great

Whether your event is virtual or on site, connect quickly with early talent. Our automated pre-screening, scheduling and communications make mountains of manual steps a thing of the past. And our automated nurture campaigns guide talent through the funnel faster than humanly possible.

That’s how many candidates who have a bad experience are less likely to refer your company to others and more likely to sever the relationship.

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(Source: Talent Board 2021 North America Executive Brief)

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