Get closer to candidates

There’s a perception gap between manufacturing and highly skilled candidates: they just don’t know how much this exciting industry has to offer. Close the gap with a modern, personalized career site. Quickly engage and nurture talent pools. And instantly match and score qualified leads with the most intelligent AI-engine out there.

Optimize and personalize your career site
Nurture and engage candidates with personalized, automated emails and texts
Measure everything from a single system

Set the standard with your site

Today’s candidates expect an almost consumer-like experience from career sites. Give it to them, with smart and easy-to-customize designs, personalized touches and AI-powered job matches. You’ll drive excitement and engagement by meeting the unique needs of your visitors.

Keep top talent flowing

Never miss a recruiting opportunity again. Keep new leads, previously considered talent and silver medalists flowing through their personalized journey with a great experience. One that’s informative and timely, because it’s powered by the smartest recruiting automation on the market.

Go direct—text

Connect with candidates in the ultimate low-friction way—right there on their mobile device. It’s a gamechanger for your hiring productivity, easy to embed into your workflows, and ensures a smooth and efficient experience for everyone.

See it from every angle

Having clear visibility of your pipeline and candidates makes everything fast and easy. Access quick candidate funnel summaries with every job, along with the ability to segment applicants and view resumes in one user-friendly interface. No more searching. No more guessing.

Almost half of candidates in high-demand sectors will turn down a job offer if they have a poor recruiting experience.

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(Source: PWC)

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