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Demand for tech skills is high and the fight for candidates is real. To stand a chance, you need primed talent pools and full pipelines. You need instant and accurate candidate matching. And you need a brilliant candidate experience, that reflects your employer brand. Enter The Everyone Platform™.

"With GR8 People, we’re picking up an average of five to six days in terms of time to fill. We’ve been able to take manual tasks off the recruiter’s plate and save a tremendous amount of time in the process.”

Rob Felicetta
Senior Director, HR Operational Services

Automate workflows for connected user and candidate experiences
Nurture and engage candidates with personalized, automated emails and texts
Measure everything from a single system

Upgrade your workflows

Take your workflows to the next level with our next-gen automation. It manages differentiated hiring steps for different tech disciplines—from developers and engineers to project managers and corporate roles. The outcome: increased efficiency for you and your candidates.

Keep tech talent flowing

Help all of your talent pools move through their personalized journey with a stand-out experience. One that’s always informative, timely and targeted, because it’s powered by the smartest recruiting automation on the market.

Here’s what happened when Teradata found their flow.

They cut their average time to fill by 25%. Want to know how?
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Go turbo with our AI engine

It’s your direct route to interested, qualified and available talent. And it’s faster than fast, with laser accuracy. Result? Matched, scored and ranked talent for every type of hire, and a better experience all round

See it in 360°

Everything’s faster and easier when you have clear visibility—so why not get the full picture of your pipeline? That’s quick candidate funnel summaries with every job, plus the ability to segment applicants and view resumes in one user-friendly interface. No more searching. No more guessing.

44 days

With the average time to fill a tech position reaching to around month and a half, there’s no time to waste. Shall we get that demo booked in?

(Source: LinkedIn)

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Only GR8 People accelerates the flow of recruiting, because we’ve built the most powerful workflow in the market.

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