Engage candidates anytime, anywhere

Add the easiest and fastest way to communicate with top talent to your toolkit.

"It was taking us 24, 48, and in some cases up to 72 hours to connect with a candidate. Now we are able to immediately and seamlessly communicate by text message within GR8 People."

Terri Shiffer
Human Resources Director

Connect in real time or in the workflow
Leverage templates and short links
Make opt-in easy for candidates

Go direct—text

Connect with candidates in the ultimate low-friction way—right there on their mobile device. It’s a gamechanger for your hiring productivity, easy to embed into your workflows, and ensures a smooth and efficient experience for everyone.

Use templates to accelerate texts

Need to send a common response to a candidate in seconds? We've got the template. Add a text message to your recruiting workflow? Check. Grab short links to jobs, event registrations and targeted landing pages? They’re all ready to go.

Keep the process easy for candidates and recruiters

Candidates can easily opt in or out at any touch point. Recruiters can view the full text history of conversations. There’s even an option to receive an email notification when the candidate replies by text. We’ve really thought of everything… for everyone.

That’s the average open rate for text messages - compare that to your email open rates.

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(Source: Mobile Marketing Watch)

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