The Talent CRM to find and nurture the best future hires

When it comes to engaging candidates quickly and continuously, our modern Talent CRM does it all. Nurture talent pools with super-personalized automated campaigns and workflows. Your reward? Qualified, interested and available talent at the ready.

"We're converting hires at a rate of 13.5% because we can now attract and engage the best talent by showing why our team feels good about their jobs, good about their colleagues and, therefore, good about Talbots."

Christine Kamp
Senior Program Manager, DE&I, Talent Development & Culture

Keep the talent journey flowing

New leads, previously considered talent and silver medalists—help everyone flow through their personalized journey with a great experience. One that’s informative and timely, because it’s powered by the smartest recruiting automation on the market.

Say buh-bye to manual tasks

Eliminate the low-value, time-consuming chores from candidate relationship management—and feel that sweet relief. Our smart CRM automation will continuously assess qualifications, interest, and availability, so you get just what you need, when you need it—a ready list of highly engaged leads.

Let us show you

When it comes to engaging candidates quickly and continuously, our modern Talent CRM does it all. Check out our 3 minute demo and then get in touch with us to get started today.
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Automated marketing campaigns
Text and Chat
Built-in candidate questionnaires
Pre-screening and self-scheduling
Customizable design templates
Performance metrics dashboards

Go direct—text

Connect with candidates in the ultimate low-friction way—right there on their mobile device. It’s a gamechanger for your hiring productivity, easy to embed into your workflows, and ensures a smooth and efficient experience for everyone.

See the return on your investment

From lead to applicant. From applicant to candidate. From candidate to hire. It all starts with your talent pool—your most valuable asset. So expect to see and feel the ROI everywhere, along with a wealth of insights on everything from hiring efficiency to candidate quality.

You've been ghosted!

How come 68% of candidates completely ignore your emails? Time to book that demo, and let our CRM do the talking instead.

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