The AI-driven platform to source, attract, engage and hire… Everyone.

GR8 People's advanced generative AI elevates candidate engagement, streamlines processes, reduces bias, and facilitates decision-making. The Everyone Platform's™ neural networks enhance natural language processing, matching, and predictive functions, enabling talent ranking, ideal job matches, real-time desktop assistance, and multilingual content translation.

Recommends matched jobs to talent via emailed digests and landing pages
Auto-generate ranked talent pipeline based upon job requirements to recruiter to evaluate
Generative AI Desktop Concierge to provide real-time guidance on what deserves your attention
AI Content Generator that crafts attention-grabbing copy as if written by a marketing guru
AI extends its capabilities to translate content across various languages
Automatically deliver the right message at the right time

The transformative influence of generative AI on the future of Talent CRM

How AI can boost candidate interaction, engagement and outcomes for all.
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