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Competition has always been fierce in finance, and now it’s even more so. New tech means new skills are in high demand. But the talent is out there. Let our powerful AI, automation and workflows take you to it—while a modern, personalized career site attracts all the best contenders.

"Our career site launched two weeks ahead of schedule. Websites always require some level of course correction and adjustment. It was nice to have GR8 People hold our hands through those minor adjustments."

Joe Sinclair
Vice President, HR Projects & Strategy

Optimize and personalize your career site
Automate workflows for connected user and candidate experiences
Nurture and engage candidates with personalized, automated emails and texts

Make every visit personal

Today’s candidates expect an almost consumer-like experience from career sites. The way to drive excitement and engagement is by adding small, personalized touches, AI-powered job matches and automated communications.

Invest in wiser workflows

Manage the unique hiring steps that support recruiting for finance, compliance, accounting or fintech roles with enhanced automated workflows. Made for today’s demands, they ensure a hiring journey that’s streamlined and efficient for everyone.

Keep finance talent flowing

New leads, previously considered talent and silver medalists—help them all flow through their personalized journey with an impeccable experience. One that’s informative and timely, because it’s powered by the smartest recruiting automation on the market.

Access all the intel

With clear visibility of your pipeline and candidates, you can say goodbye to guessing. Quick candidate funnel summaries come with every job, along with the ability to segment applicants and view resumés in one user-friendly interface. And suddenly everything’s easier and faster

Almost half of candidates in high-demand sectors will turn down a job offer if they have a poor recruiting experience.

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(Source: PWC)

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