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Make an effortless transition to recruiting technology that gives everyone the agility they need to succeed in today’s labor market.

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Your number one goal is to positively impact your company’s financial performance. The last thing you need is to integrate another standalone solution that’s hard to use and anything but seamless. So choose The Everyone Platform™ instead. It’s designed to help talent acquisition teams recruit every type of workforce, at every stage of the lifecycle. It won’t just be your CFO who thanks you.

“With GR8 People, we're picking up an average of five to six days in terms of time to fill. We've been able to take manual tasks off the recruiter's plate and save a tremendous amount of time in the process."

Rob Felicetta
Senior Director, HR Operational Services

Recruiting Software Implementation Strategies: 5 Essential Questions for Vendor Reviews

One of the main reasons organizations avoid replacing sub-par talent acquisition technology is the time-intensive nature of implementation. Yet this doesn’t have to be the case because there are many steps that enterprise organizations can take to make the implementation process go more quickly and more smoothly.
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