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The world of work has changed. Smart organizations know recruitment must too. It’s time for a more unified approach: One that enables you to mobilize every full-time, part-time, contingent or gig worker, at every stage in the hiring cycle with a single solution.

Leave siloed recruitment behind and find your flow.

The sheer pace of recruiting demands that we rethink our approach to total talent acquisition. Why let a fragmented model hold you back? You’ve got one workforce, you need one recruiting system. GR8 People built The Everyone Platform™ with everything you need to eliminate friction, make things simple, and do your job better and faster.

"Workflow automation is helping us personalize the experience for every candidate, whoever they are and whatever they do"

Wandie Toledo
Diversity Acquisition Leader

“About a third of our current workforce was hired in 2021. We just would not have been able to do that without GR8 People.”

Matt Miller
Senior Director of Global Talent Acquisition, Worldwide Clinical Trials

“Teradata has improved the speed and accuracy of matching candidates to jobs and reduced our average time to fill by 25%.”

Sara West
Business Technology Analyst

“We’ve been able to take manual tasks off the recruiter’s plate and save a tremendous amount of time. Looking at our automated reminders across all workflows, we’re picking up an average of five to six days in terms of time to fill.”

Rob Felicetta
Senior Director, HR Operational Services

Attract, engage and hire everyone: full-time, part-time, contingent or gig
Nurture and engage candidates with personalized, automated campaigns
Integrate people and process intuitively
Automate workflows for connected user and candidate experiences
Measure everything from a single system
Implement with ease and keep a laser focus on business priorities

Meet every moment

Our purpose-built platform gives you the agility to address ever-changing talent demands. Next-level automated workflows replace manual hiring steps, improving productivity and the candidate experience—right talent, right moment, right message.

Empower every outcome

Let data flow with one unified talent experience. Smart API integrations allow the platform to communicate seamlessly with your HR tech ecosystem. That gives you a clear line of sight into the metrics that matter, so you can advance your recruiting strategy and build on every success story.

Activate every workflow

Automate, extend and build powerful workflows across the enterprise with a single solution. You get unmatched performance and unrivalled simplicity, all rolled into one.

Break free from silos

It’s not just about what you get. It’s also about what you leave behind. Silos are restrictive, expensive and inefficient. The Everyone Platform means you can kiss them goodbye, and embrace a world without limits instead.

The power of workflow for the modern recruiter

GR8 People is the agile software for every stage of the recruitment lifecycle. You get an ATS, Talent CRM, AI sourcing engine and career site builder, all in one. Plus powerful workflows to hire the any type of workforce, whenever and wherever it’s needed. Together, they add up to a truly empowering and friction-free recruiting experience.

The value of one

The Everyone Platform™ was born in the cloud and built from the ground up with a single architecture and data model. It makes separate tools, logins and datasets a thing of the past. Tech issues between multiple systems no longer consume the recruiter’s day. Instead, frequent releases meet all the complexities of enterprise hiring.

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Only GR8 People accelerates the flow of recruiting, because we’ve built the most powerful workflow in the market.

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