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The retail labor market is tighter than ever. To compete, you need an agile tech stack that delivers a superior candidate experience, at high-volume and high-speed. Ours does it all and more—so you can adapt fast and thrive in this rapidly changing marketplace.

"We immediately eliminated 10 hours of manual work per week, by cutting down on seemingly simple—but labor intensive—administrative tasks."

Fil Farinaccio D'Urbano
Head of People and Culture, Ardene

Attract, engage and hire everyone: full-time, part-time, contingent or gig
Automate workflows for connected user and candidate experiences
Nurture and engage candidates with personalized, automated emails and texts

Tailor-make your workflows

To create a friction-free hiring process, you need bespoke workflows. Automation makes it simple, with unique hiring steps for every type of retail workforce. From stores, warehouses and distribution to customer service and corporate roles… You name it, you can create a workflow for it.

Keep retail talent flowing

In retail, your talent pools are as precious as your customers. Keep them all flowing through their hiring journeys with a consumer-style experience. One that’s super-personalized, informative and timely, because it’s powered by the smartest recruiting automation on the market.

What happened when Talbots found their flow?

They hit a 13.5% hire conversion rate. You can hit the button to find out how.
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Connect with text

It’s the ultimate low-friction way to connect with candidates—right there on their mobile device. It’s a gamechanger for your hiring productivity, easy to embed into your workflows, and ensures a smooth and efficient experience for everyone.

Save on ad spend

GR8 People integrates with the leaders in programmatic job advertising. For you, that means a single tool to automate campaigns and real-time bidding to maximize your ROI.

Almost 5% of the workforce—or 759,000 employees—quit the retail sector in a single month

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(Source: Bureau of Labor and Statistics)

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