Too many systems.

RPOs, MSPs and total workforce solutions providers focused on direct sourcing, while already nimble, know this to be 100% accurate. For them, in order to keep talent flowing, there’s never time to get comfortable.

It’s why we built The Everyone Platform.™

Purpose-built for RPO, MSP and Direct Sourcing

The industry is struggling with siloed systems, tools that can’t speak to each other and “solutions” that make more work. This means recruiting operations headaches, integration wish lists, more silos, training challenges, greater expense, and less visibility—all resulting in difficulties delivering consistent value and results.

“As a global RPO, our success is built on our ability to be flexible and agile so we can deliver our services on our own timeline. With GR8 People, we can implement each of our clients on our own, including system integrations, management of workflows and portal branding; being able to do this without vendor involvement speaks to the maturity of the product and its ease of use.

GR8 People’s product maturity has also enabled us to manage all our hiring types – contract, contingent, temp, perm and gig – within a single solution thanks to the flexibility and depth of its workflow engine.”

Senior Systems Analyst

Source, attract and engage everyone: full-time, part-time, contingent or gig
Automate workflows for connected user and candidate experiences
Nurture and engage candidates with personalized, automated emails and texts
AI sourcing to find qualified talent, while also recommending external and internal candidates and adjacent skills
Automate next steps or send candidates forms based on state, country or certification
Deliver scheduled insights and analytics to any device

Randstad flows

How Randstad Enterprise filled 80% of its jobs with existing talent by leveraging automated campaigns
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Nurture contingent talent pools

Keep your pipelines primed with current and former gig workers, past contractors and new leads to make direct sourcing simple and compliant. And keep potential leads happy and engaged with AI-driven job matches, programmatic job ads, and highly personalized, automated communications, via email or text.

Yes, that’s a “B” for billion.

And it’s the projected market size for the recruitment process outsourcing industry by 2027. So, while we have your attention, let’s get you booked for that demo.

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