Multi-channel sourcing + AI to find top talent, fast.

Easily connect with your favorite multi-channel sourcing solutions—we're talking LinkedIn, Indeed, programmatic and more. Plus, find qualified, interested and available talent in an instant with our AI-powered solution.

“Teradata has improved the speed and accuracy of matching candidates to jobs and reduced our average time to fill by 25%.”

Sara West
Business Technology Analyst

Make the most of every second

Let AI match, score and rank talent, alert top candidates to new openings and keep them engaged throughout their entire journey. Tailored workflows activate as soon you open a job—so you never miss a hiring opportunity again.

Turn passive into active

With LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect and a deep integration with Indeed to access over 200 million resumes plus tools to tap into job boards and your resume banks, you'll have the best solutions to quickly add passive candidates and grow your talent pools. Recruiting automation then lets you maximize your time by automagically launching targeted lead engagement journeys.

Source faster and spend less on job ads

GR8 People integrates with the leaders in programmatic job advertising. For you, that means a single tool to automate campaigns and real-time bidding to maximize your ROI.

Let us show you

Let AI do the heavy lifting for you. Think qualified, interested and available talent in an instant. Check out our 3 minute demo and then get in touch with us to get started today.
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A totally personalized candidate experience
The best talent matches for every job
Automated communication across the journey
Rapidly reduced time to hire
Measurable improved sourcing outcomes
Objectively match criteria to minimize bias

Keep communication flowing

You can't personally communicate with every single candidate. But our automated communications can. Messages feel personal, relevant and timely because they’re driven by our advanced AI engine to keep the candidate engaged and moving forward.

Deliver the goods

Need proof? No problem. ROI reports are a breeze. Metrics are demystified. Insights are easy. So, you can present a true success story—then build on it.

That's how much of the work day recruiters spend on sourcing.

Yet, it only takes an hour to check out the benefits you’ll get every day with our AI solution. Now that’s time well spent.

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