Recruit for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Build a more equitable workforce by treating candidates brilliantly.

"GR8 People is helping us personalize the experience for every candidate, whoever they are and whatever they do. Workflow automation has driven us to communicate more personally and work together as a team to champion the most talented people."

Wandie Toledo
Diversity Acquisition Leader

Attract and engage more diverse talent
Overcome biases with AI-driven sourcing
Measure DEI metrics that matter

Reduce hiring bias

AI is the way to match, score and rank talent more objectively. Automation can be your assistant, alerting top candidates to new openings and keeping your talent pool engaged with personalized messages – that’s the beauty of tailored workflows.

Connect with underrepresented groups

Fairness begins with communication that respects every candidate’s individuality. Our easy-to-use tools help you quickly build landing pages and automated campaigns that are remarkably inclusive. Ideal for nurturing relationships and amplifying the diverse voices in your own organization.

Turn your DEI into ROI

Crystal clear insights – that’s the first step to inclusive sourcing and diverse talent pools. With easily accessible metrics, we’ll ensure your team is not just complying, but flying. Result? A strong, diverse workforce.

That’s how many active and passive job seekers check out a company's commitment to DEI before applying to or accepting an offer.

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(Source: Glassdoor, 2021)

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