Time to Spill the Beans

Our customers have an unfair advantage in the market, and we plan to keep it that way.

gr8 People has put the power to perform back in talent professional's hands with our breakthrough platform that brings sourcing, marketing, collaboration, hiring and onboarding strategies to life. All-in-one, more powerful, but remarkably simple. It’s all the ways you love to recruit with a platform that surpasses all others in productivity, agility and intelligence.

It’s everything talent professionals need to Recruit gr8. All in One Place.

  • Build talent pipelines to strengthen relationships and engage with talent ahead of demand.
  • Promote your employment brand to attract the best through email, social media, and websites.
  • Delivering high-impact recruiting campaigns and track performance to engage the best talent.
  • Leverage powerful recruiting workflows to streamline processes and recruit your way.
  • Collaborate and share best practices with your team and partners in real-time.

Source to Bring Talent Pipelines to Life

Proactively build your organization’s talent communities and pipelines. Manage interactions, reduce cycle times, strengthen relationships and engage with talent ahead of demand.

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Market to Create Better Talent Experiences

Strengthen your marketing efforts with personalized content to engage the best talent. Nurture leads, track results and put the personal touch on campaigns, landing pages, mobile devices, social networks, search engines (SEO), job boards, career sites, and so much more.

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Collaborate to Recruit Better Together

Less meetings — more productivity. Whether working with a small or a global team, users, talent and partners will have the workspace to help communicate openly; plan and discuss recruiting strategies, communicate and share information to know more, share more, and connect more.

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Hire the Best to be the Best

Whether you work, local, global or have a big or small team we provide the platform to help you hire the best. From sourcing to onboarding and everything in between— we’ve got it covered.

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