TalentXi Selects
GR8 People Talent CRM to Redefine Recruitment Programmatic Advertising

TalentXi to provide healthcare providers qualified, interested, and available talent via advanced screening and vetting processes.

PHILADELPHIA, May 1, 2024 — GR8 People, the leading talent acquisition platform to source, attract, engage and hire every workforce type in one seamless experience announced that TalentXi has selected its Talent CRM Platform to drive the next generation of Recruitment Programmatic Advertising.

TalentXi, brings the industry’s first programmatic patented* technology solution, enabling employers to obtain, nurture and hire more passive qualified applicants faster and more efficiently utilizing advanced programmatic intelligence.

“Leveraging GR8 People’s Talent CRM and TalentXi’s patented* programmatic science we are reintroducing ourselves to the market with a proven and groundbreaking passive candidate intent data solution – TalentIntent Pro. In today’s evolving job market, where the abundance of candidates can be overwhelming, employers are shifting their focus from sheer volume to the quality of applicants. Traditional programmatic solutions often miss this mark,” explained Jason Gorham, President & CEO of TalentXi. “Our innovative programmatic strategy seamlessly integrates volume and quality, enabling us to pinpoint the ideal candidate pool with unparalleled precision. This empowers employers to allocate their recruitment marketing budget effectively for optimal talent outcomes,” Gorham emphasized. “Partnering with GR8 People’s Talent CRM and their seasoned team was an obvious choice for us. Their platform’s capabilities and the team’s expertise set them apart from the rest.”

“Utilizing GR8 People’s powerful Talent CRM and TalentXi’s patented programmatic science we are excited to help reintroduce Jason and TalentXi to the market with TalentIntent Pro”, said Jayne Kettles, GR8 People, Chief Product Officer.

Join the Beta Program.
Following a comprehensive analysis of the supply and demand dynamics within the healthcare industry, we are delighted to inform you about the launch of our beta program. This program is tailored specifically for the nursing sector and extends a cordial invitation to healthcare organizations to collaborate with us. TalentXi is now accepting healthcare beta customers into our program and ecosystem.  Please visit our website to join our early invite beta program at: https://talentxi.io/

About GR8 People
GR8 People is for everyone in recruitment who wants to do their job better, faster and more simply. Our global technology platform sources, attracts, engages and hires every workforce type in one experience that’s seamless, boundless and effortless. Built with best-in-class, automated workflows, it helps every user perform at their best.

About TalentXi
TalentXi’s technical insights, expertise, and innovation deliver programmatic technology that’s more efficient, more effective, and achieves better results to capture more passive candidates and converting them to qualified hires. We’re inventing tomorrow’s technologies today, offering a first-of-its-kind patent* that combines unparalleled technology with the human touch of an expert.

*(U.S. Patent 7,653,567)


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