GR8 People Sees Continued Momentum Across RPO/MSP and Direct Sourcing Industries

GR8 People grew its customer base for its core RPO/MSP and Direct Sourcing customers by 133% in 2022 improving talent agility with The Everyone Platform™.

PHILADELPHIA, January 23, 2023 — GR8 People, the leading talent acquisition platform to source, attract, engage and hire every workforce type in one seamless experience announced today that the company achieved 133% growth across the RPO/MSP and Direct Sourcing Industries. As part of this momentum, an increasing number of organizations selected GR8 People’s Everyone Platform™ in the past year—including AgileOne, Randall Reilly, Advanced RPO, ActOne, Aspirant, and more, to help accelerate the world’s talent flow—when, where and how customers need it.

Talent Agility for All Workforce Types Without Silos

Leading organizations around the world continue to face significant challenges in sourcing, attracting, and engaging the supply of talent needed to be successful. To keep pace, many are looking to the extended workforce, or non-employee talent, as a source of real enterprise agility. With GR8 People, customers can source, attract and engage both employee and non-employee workforces in a single platform.

As one global RPO leader stated, “Our success is built on our ability to be flexible and agile so we can deliver our services on our own timeline. With GR8 People, we can implement each of our clients on our own, including system integrations, management of workflows and portal branding. Being able to do this without vendor involvement speaks to the maturity of the product and its ease of use. GR8 People has also enabled us to manage all our hiring types—contract, contingent, temp, perm and gig—within a single solution thanks to the flexibility and depth of its workflow engine.”

Propelling RPO/MSP and Directing Sourcing Organizations Into the Future

GR8 People provides organizations a clear opportunity to consolidate all talent acquisition with a seamless platform that bridges the gap between technology silos and workforces. It provides talent curators worldwide with the unmatched ability to source, attract, engage and hire candidates quickly and continuously, with a modern Talent CRM providing qualified, interested and available talent at the ready.

With GR8 People, RPO/MSP and Direct Sourcing organizations can:

• Source, Attract, Engage and Hire workforces at scale
Whether it’s full-time, part-time, contingent or gig, The Everyone Platform™ allows you to attract, engage and hire… everyone from a single solution.

• Deliver engaging experiences
Sending the right message, at the right time, to nurture and engage all workforce types just got a lot easier and smarter, while automation does the heavy lifting to build talent pipelines that keep you on top of your hiring game.

• Successfully build Talent Pools for all workers
Keep your pipelines primed with current and former gig workers, past contractors and new leads to make direct sourcing simple and compliant. And keep potential leads happy and engaged with AI-driven job matches, programmatic job ads, and highly personalized, automated communications, via email or text.

• Multi-channel sourcing and AI
Find talent in an instant with our AI-powered solution. Add LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect and a deep integration with Indeed to access over 200 million resumes. And let’s not forget seamless tools to tap into job boards and your resume banks and you’ll have the best solutions to quickly add passive candidates and grow talent pools.

• Connect your enterprise
Unite people and processes with intuitive, cross-enterprise integrations to communicate seamlessly with your HR tech ecosystem, helping talent leaders build their future workforce.

• Empower outcomes
Measure everyone and everything—from a single system. The Everyone Platform™ provides a single view of your business intelligence and empowers leaders to see, understand and deliver smart decisions to drive their organizations forward.

About GR8 People

GR8 People is for everyone in recruitment who wants to do their job better, faster and more simply. Our global technology platform sources, attracts, engages and hires every workforce type in one experience that’s seamless, boundless and effortless. Built with best-in-class, automated workflows, it helps every user perform at their best.


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