GR8 People Partners with Pandologic’s AI Enabled Programmatic Job Advertising Platform

GR8 People integrates with pandoIQ for a fully-automated and data-driven approach to the job advertising process.

PHILADELPHIA, August 3, 2021 — Leading talent acquisition software innovator GR8 People announced a new partnership with PandoLogic, the leader in programmatic job advertising, to connect employers more efficiently to job seekers through programmatic sourcing.

The integration between pandoIQ and GR8 People’s One-Experience Talent Platform enables employers to:
• Centralize job advertising spend into a single performance-based tool that optimizes and automates real-time bidding and budget allocations
• Expand reach to talent through an ad exchange of 1000’s of leading job sites, search engines and social networks
• Engage with the right candidates through precision targeting
• Source applicants effortlessly by eliminating manual tasks and inefficiencies with powerful automation

Through this integration, the employer’s jobs are automatically pulled from GR8 People’s applicant tracking system and promoted by pandoIQ. When job seekers engage with openings, they complete their application process directly within GR8 People. The integration creates a seamless candidate application experience while also improving a recruiter’s ability to source candidates and improve their productivity.

“PandoLogic is thrilled to partner with GR8 People to accelerate candidate sourcing,” said Jason Putnam, SVP of Sales at PandoLogic, “40% of job advertising spend is wasted each year. With PandoLogic’s automation we are able to identify the spend that is working most effectively and amplify it. Our mutual customers will benefit from an increase in candidate volume at more efficient spend. PandoLogic and GR8 People share a mutual desire to improve recruiting outcomes through AI so a strategic partnership with a high level of integration makes great sense.”

Recruiters that leverage pandoIQ within GR8 People will source quality applicants faster, smarter and more efficiently while maximizing ROI on their job advertising spend. “GR8 People is excited to offer our customers access to pandoIQ to activate the optimal job advertising campaign,” said Diane Smith, GR8 People CEO. “PandoLogic’s focus on intelligent recruitment advertising technologies is a perfect addition to GR8 People’s powerful ecosystem. We look forward to a long partnership together.”

To remain competitive, employers need to efficiently and effectively use their time and budget to target top talent where they search for their next career move. GR8 People’s Chief Product Officer, Jayne Kettles, added, “Offering GR8 People customers a seamless integration with pandoIQ—a data-driven tool that automates and optimizes decision-making during every stage of the job advertising process—will ensure that they are able to compete at the highest level.”

About PandoLogic
PandoLogic is the leading programmatic job advertising and vendor management platform in North America. Referred to as the “best-kept secret in HR,” its programmatic job advertising platform, pandoIQ, automates and optimizes job ad placements to help companies meet hiring needs while maximizing recruitment ad spend. Evaluating 100T job data points and making 7,000 micro-decisions per minute, pandoIQ eliminates inefficiencies and waste by reaching the right candidates on the right sites at the right time for the right price via a single performance-based platform.