GR8 People Guarantees Implementation Performance Results and Costs with Better Together Program

The first program by an Enterprise Talent Solutions provider to guarantee costs, results, and the performance to deliver them.

PHILADELPHIA, March 8, 2023 — GR8 People, the leading talent acquisition platform to source, attract, engage and hire every workforce type in one seamless experience, announced its “Better Together” program, designed to capitalize on its ability to provide fast, cost-effective world-class solutions. GR8 People’s announcement unveils the industry’s first Guaranteed Performance Results for on-time implementation and software costs.

With GR8 People’s “Better Together” program the guarantee sets a new standard for the industry by accelerating a customer’s time-to-value through fixed costs and mutually agreed upon timeframes, shortening the time it takes to utilize technology for business advantage. GR8 People has an excellent track record of delivering on its promises and being transparent with customers regarding the cost of its solutions upfront. The new program offers Guaranteed Performance Results to significantly reduce the risk of delayed deployments and cost overruns, just as corporate executives are insisting on absolute hard results for any initiative.

“The most compelling attribute of GR8 People’s Everyone Platform™ is our ability to never leave a customer behind. We are setting a course that the industry has no choice but to follow. With the combination of our on-time guaranteed implementation and “Better Together” program, we now provide our customers with a proven partnership and roadmap leading to their ultimate goal of having the power to perform – guaranteed,” said Diane Smith, CEO of GR8 People.

About the Guaranteed Performance Results

GR8 People Customer Success will offer the guaranteed implementation through its “Better Together” program. The program provides implementation, training, and third-party integrations services such as HRIS, all guaranteed on fixed implementation times and costs upfront.

As part of the guarantee program GR8 People includes:

o Fixed-cost implementation based on customer platform components
o Mutually agreed upon timeframe for implementation
o 20% rebate of professional services fees if timeframe is not met

“The new “Better Together” program guarantees a customer the ability to implement solutions quickly and at the agreed upon price, while working with a partner who is willing to stand up and be accountable for delivering performance results”, said Patrick Amaral, Chief Customer Officer of GR8 People. “Our definition of success means not waiting months or watching costs increase after a contract is signed. It means committing to our customers that their solution will perform with guaranteed results and costs. With this program, we are demonstrating our confidence in our platform and team.”

About GR8 People

GR8 People is for everyone in recruitment who wants to do their job better, faster and more simply. Our global technology platform sources, attracts, engages and hires every workforce type in one experience that’s seamless, boundless and effortless. Built with best-in-class, automated workflows, it helps every user perform at their best.


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