GR8 People announces new generative AI capabilities driving higher productivity and smarter experiences

PHILADELPHIA, September 26, 2023 — GR8 People, the leading talent acquisition platform to source, attract, engage and hire every workforce type in one seamless experience, announced today its new generative AI capabilities for The Everyone Platform™ to help drive higher productivity and smarter experiences. The new solutions—GR8 AI Desktop Concierge and GR8 AI Content Generator—expand the platform’s functionality with built‑in capabilities that apply the power of generative AI to their enterprise platform.

“AI breakthroughs hold the promise of reshaping the landscape of efficiency and creativity within software utilization. Our enthusiasm knows no bounds as we unveil these cutting-edge capabilities”, said Jayne Kettles, Chief Product Officer GR8 People. “Our unwavering mission is to empower recruiters to explore ways to enhance the user-friendliness of our software, and we extend an open invitation to our valued customers to embark on this journey alongside us.”

GR8 AI Desktop Concierge
Imagine having an intelligent companion right at your fingertips, ready to transform the way you work and make the most of your day. Our innovative concierge takes your productivity to new heights by utilizing the topics displayed on your dashboard to provide real-time guidance on what deserves your focus. Whether it’s prioritizing tasks, identifying critical trends, or suggesting key action items, this AI marvel understands your needs and empowers you to make informed decisions.

Key Features:

  • Blend Technology with Intuition: The AI companion that anticipates your needs, like sending an umbrella before the rain.
  • Real-time Guidance: Get instant insights and recommendations based on the content displayed on your dashboard.
  • Task Prioritization: Let AI help you identify and prioritize tasks for maximum efficiency.
  • Trend Identification: Stay ahead of the curve by having AI detect critical trends in your data.
  • Action Item Suggestions: Receive actionable recommendations to streamline your decision-making process effortlessly
  • Seamless Workflow Integration: The assistant effortlessly integrates into your existing workflow, boosting productivity.

GR8 AI Content Generator
Unleash the power of cutting-edge artificial intelligence and supercharge your recruitment marketing efforts. Say goodbye to the days of mundane, generic marketing content and hello to a world where every word captivates, and every message resonates.

Key Features:

  • Marketing Guru Mimicry: Generate content that reads like its been expertly crafted by a seasoned marketing guru, ensuring your messaging is impactful and engaging. From blog posts to nurture campaigns, you’ll stand out as the employer of choice in your industry, attracting top talent like a magnet.
  • Language and Tone Control: Customize the language and tone of their messaging to align with their employer brand and culture and the AI can adapt its writing style accordingly.
  • Suggested Job Ads: Generate job ads based on job description and qualification inputs, ensuring job postings are clear, concise, and appealing to potential candidates.
  • Efficiency and Speed: Save time and resources by quickly generating high-quality content, allowing your recruiting team to focus on what they do best – engaging with talent.
  • Human oversight:  All content can be easily edited and approved by humans.

Additional Information:
Jayne Kettles, GR8 People’s Chief Product Officer will share additional insights on Generative AI and platform capabilities at HR Tech in Las Vegas October 10th – 13th.

GR8 AI Desktop Concierge and GR8 AI Content Generator are expected to be released to a limited set of customers in 2024.


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