Uncover Everyone with Talent Rediscovery

In today’s ever-changing and hyper-competitive labor market, employers must think differently about how they source new workers. Your best source of talent may be closer than you think. On average, each corporate job offer attracts 250 resumes, cited by Glassdoor; of those candidates, 4 to 6 will get called for an interview, and only one will get the job. So, what happens to the rest who applied?

Where are the silver medalists and the countless other leads from campus events, job fairs, job boards, employee referrals, former employees, current employees, and contingent workers residing? In your CRM, ATS, VMS and other systems? With the hundreds of thousands, even millions of potential ‘Talent Gold’ in your current database, shouldn’t talent rediscovery become a key strategy?

Recruiters are sitting on a goldmine of talent, but few are working to extract the gold. In this blog, we share our three-step approach to talent rediscovery and re-engagement with the Intelligent CRM that does the heavy lifting for you.

Step one: keep it personal

In order to reconnect with the best talent, you need to make an impression. With a custom and modern career site that you can manage and update with ease, you gain the ability to connect your employer brand to the talent you want to hire. A company’s career website has long been cited as the most valued channel for researching an employer. Today’s sophisticated job seeker wants an in-depth understanding of what it’s like to work at a company before they apply. Whether active or passive, your career site should also offer multiple opportunities for candidates to stay in touch until a relevant job opening becomes available.

Intelligent search capabilities should be a core feature on your career site to improve job search and content results. AI-driven solutions that encourage visitors to provide a few details (in a matter of clicks) can serve up jobs and content to each individual’s interests and background. Better yet, when a candidate returns to the career site, they are recognized and remembered. And, if that candidate is a great fit for your team but the right opening isn’t available, the details they provide can trigger automated communications that nurture and engage. When it comes to talent rediscovery, this is key. Those candidates that might not have been a fit for a particular role in the past will have been nurtured, keeping your company top of mind when you’re ready for them in the future.

Step two: identify silver medalists

Think about all those requisitions you’ve hired for in the past and all the “runner up” candidates that came really close to being the right fit, but just didn’t quite make the cut. Just because they weren’t right for one job doesn’t mean they aren’t a great fit for another. With an Intelligent CRM, you can bring all that talent back to the surface. With automated talent matching and scoring, your CRM scans your database for a specific requisition and ranks candidates that are a good fit for the job based on skills, criteria, and experience. Identifying silver medalists and other ideal candidates in your database doesn’t have to be overwhelming or difficult. Your CRM should be set up in a way that reduces manual work for you and allows you to re-engage top talent, fast.

Step three: execute re-engagement campaigns

This is where AI and automation comes into play. Consider setting up a talent pool for your silver medalists. Automated drip campaigns can be set up to continue nurturing this talent to keep them engaged until the time is right. Personalized content and automated job digests can do all of the work for you. The great thing about silver medalists is that there’s a good chance they’ve already gone through some, or all of, your hiring process. This reduces steps for both of you and delivers an even quicker hire. But, let’s say they haven’t completed all the necessary steps. Part of your re-engagement campaign can encourage your silver medalists to complete their profile, giving you access to all the relevant information you need when the right job comes along. Your re-engagement campaigns can be set up using flexible, customized templates that are automated and targeted in a way that sets you up for success without lifting a finger. More time in your day and qualified, interested, and available talent at your fingertips? Doesn’t get much better than that.

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