Don’t Just Buy Software, Invest in Success: The Power of GR8 People’s Better Together Program

Q&A Session with Pat Amaral, Chief Customer Officer of GR8 People on the importance of an Implementation Guarantee

Pat Amaral, Chief Customer Officer of GR8 People, delves into the Better Together program, which ensures on-time implementation, fixed costs, and performance results, revolutionizing industry standards for transparency and accountability in talent acquisition solutions, all aimed at expediting customers’ time-to-value and securing their success.

Q: Can you tell us about GR8 People’s Better Together program and what it entails?

A: Absolutely. The Better Together program is a groundbreaking initiative from GR8 People aimed at ensuring our customers receive not only exceptional service but also guaranteed performance results. It’s about accelerating our customers’ time-to-value by providing fixed costs and agreed-upon timeframes for implementation, thereby reducing the risk of delays and cost overruns.

Q: How does the Better Together program set a new standard in the industry?

A: This program truly sets a new standard by offering guaranteed performance results for on-time implementation and software costs. It’s about transparency and accountability, which are often lacking in the industry. By committing to fixed implementation times and costs upfront, we’re demonstrating our dedication to our customers’ success.

Q: What inspired the creation of the Better Together program?

A: At GR8 People, we’ve always been committed to our customers’ success. We see this as an opportunity to take that commitment to the next level by offering this guarantee. With corporate executives increasingly demanding hard results for any initiative, we wanted to provide our customers with the confidence that comes with guaranteed performance and costs.

Q: How does the Better Together program benefit GR8 People customers?

A: The program benefits our customers in several ways. First, it ensures a faster time-to-value by accelerating implementation processes. Secondly, it provides certainty in terms of costs, with fixed-cost implementation based on customer platform components. Lastly, it offers peace of mind through our commitment to stand behind our promises, with a 20% rebate of professional services fees if the agreed-upon timeframe is not met.

Q: Can you explain how the program works in practice?

A: Certainly. When a customer engages with us under the Better Together program, we work closely with them to determine their needs and establish clear objectives. We then agree upon a fixed implementation timeframe and cost, providing transparency and predictability from the outset. Throughout the implementation process, we remain accountable for delivering on our promises, ensuring that our customers achieve their desired outcomes within the agreed-upon parameters.

Q: What message does the Better Together program send to GR8 People’s customers?

A: The Better Together program sends a powerful message of partnership and accountability. It demonstrates our unwavering commitment to our customers’ success and our confidence in both our platform and our team. We’re not just selling software; we’re offering a proven partnership and roadmap to help our customers achieve their goals with guaranteed performance and costs.

Q: How does the Better Together program align with GR8 People’s overall mission and values?

A: At GR8 People, our mission is to empower organizations to source, attract, engage, and hire every workforce type in one seamless experience. The Better Together program directly supports this mission by ensuring that our customers can quickly and effectively leverage our technology to gain a competitive advantage in talent acquisition. It also reflects our values of transparency, accountability, and customer-centricity, which are at the core of everything we do.

Q: In summary, what would you like Talent Acquisition folks to take away from this conversation?

A: Here’s the key takeaway—GR8 People goes beyond just software. We’re a committed partner invested in your success. You deserve a solution that goes beyond technology – you deserve a team invested in helping you achieve your hiring goals.

Additionally, I’d encourage TA professionals to ask any vendor: “Do you guarantee successful deployment and performance?” Software vendors should be upfront about their ability to deliver results.

Our Better Together program exemplifies this commitment. We guarantee performance and cost to ensure you achieve your desired outcomes. We’re in this together, and together, we’re stronger.