RPOs Find Sourcing Success with Talent Pools

It’s no secret that finding and retaining top talent is crucial for the success of any organization—but even more so for Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) providers as they are in the business of helping other organizations achieve their talent acquisition goals. In order to quickly staff up for client engagements, RPOs can tap into talent pools of existing, or ‘known’ talent—including current and past employees, contractors, referrals, and sourced leads. In this blog, we’ll explore different ways RPOs can leverage a Recruitment CRM to successfully source from their bench of existing talent and how it can revolutionize the way they operate.

Tracking talent in your CRM is a no-brainer.  You have a comprehensive database of talent who are already known to the RPO—those who are on engagements or have worked with you in the past—along with valuable insight into their skills, experience, and availability. Easy access to this information speeds up the recruitment process, saves time, and makes things run smoother, enabling RPOs to deliver faster results to their clients.

Nurture leads through automated campaigns that can be tailored to the different categories of talent, such as current contractors, past candidates, alumni, and referrals. By keeping talent informed about what’s happening at your organization, such as new job opportunities, industry trends, and relevant news, you stay top of mind and maintain a strong relationship with the talent in your system. Plain and simple, automated nurture campaigns help RPOs build a strong talent pipeline and foster ongoing engagement.

Consistent engagement with talent allows RPOs to receive real-time updates about the qualifications, interests and availability of individuals in their talent pools. These updates streamline the candidate selection process for RPOs helping them identify and prioritize suitable candidates based on real-time information, saving time and ensuring that qualified candidates are not overlooked.

AI-powered talent matching accelerates the recruitment process by automatically analyzing job requirements and comparing them to the talent in your pools, delivering a pipeline of scored, ranked talent to your recruiters. Take it one step further and when a match is found, let the CRM send automated email or text notifications about the opportunity. Reduced manual effort and faster candidate sourcing improve the overall efficiency of matching talent to jobs.

Randstad Enterprise, a global leader in the HR services industry, uses GR8 CRM to manage talent pools for tracking and nurturing talent. With a focus on improving visibility into existing talent, consistent communications, and eliminating manual processes, their engagement strategy has helped them to surpass their hiring goals and exceed SLAs:
• 92% of positions filled within SLA
• 80% of positions filled via existing talent & alumni

Read the full case study on how Randstad Enterprise filled 80% of its jobs with existing talent.

Hiring from pools of existing talent offers RPOs a host of advantages—some more obvious than others. A reduced time-to-fill and cost-savings are a given. Some of the hidden benefits include enhanced candidate quality with the talent you have already assessed for skills and qualifications and with whom you are familiar; flexibility and scalability to respond quickly to client demands and changing market conditions; stronger client relationships when you can provide quick access to qualified candidates meeting their needs promptly; and faster time-to-value, especially when hiring talent already acquainted with your processes, systems and work culture.

With the right Recruitment CRM, RPOs can optimize their talent acquisition processes to deliver faster and more effective recruitment services, setting themselves apart as trusted partners in talent acquisition.