Once upon a time the Applicant Tracking System did everything a recruiter needed it to do…

Once upon a time in the enchanted Kingdom of Recruitment, there was a powerful tool that made the lives of recruiters easier. This tool, was known far and wide as the ATS, the all-powerful Applicant Tracking System that had the capability to find and bring forth the best talent to recruiters, like a knight in shining armor. All was prosperous and all was well in the Kingdom of Recruitment.

However, as the world evolved, so did the Kingdom of Recruitment. The economy and workforce changed, causing a severe shortage of skilled workers and intense competition for these precious candidates. Recruiters were forced to find new ways to stand out and attract the best talent. All was in a state of flux in the Kingdom of Recruitment.

But, with the arrival of a new era of innovation, new tools and technologies were introduced to help recruiters. Talent CRMs, automation, AI, text messaging, and video became the norm, bringing excitement to the Kingdom. However, the multitude of separate solutions led to confusion and complexity, causing recruiters to struggle with siloed data, integration nightmares and increased costs for the many different tools. The ATS was no longer the knight in shining armor it once was, and all was in turmoil in the Kingdom of Recruitment.

But the story doesn’t end there.

Rising from the ashes of the ATS was a new hero, GR8 People’s Everyone Platform™. This platform combined all the necessary tools and technologies recruiters needed into one seamless solution, designed to help them source, attract, engage and hire the best talent from all workforce types. All this, as well as great features in automation, AI, text and more. Recruiters rejoiced at the thought of the productivity, power and savings that awaited them. No more disparate data, silos or boundaries.

A long, long time ago, before we knew any better, the ATS was all a recruiter needed. But now, thanks to GR8 People’s Everyone Platform™, the kingdom has been restored to its former glory. Recruiters are able to focus on their true passion—finding the perfect candidate with ease and efficiency.

And so, the recruiters lived happily ever after, with the Everyone Platform™ by their side, aiding them in their quest for the best talent. And once again, the skies are clear and sunny in the Kingdom of Recruitment.

The End.