GR8 Employee Spotlight: Get to Know Cassie Sims

Get to know Senior Full Stack Web Developer Cassie Sims, who has an innovative approach to technology that is a huge contributor to the The Everyone Platform™.

What’s your role at GR8 People?

I’m a senior full stack web developer at GR8 People, which means that I write code—a passion of mine for most of my professional career. I’m also a team leader, so my role is a mix of writing and reviewing code, working closely with the product team, and maintaining good communication and organization amongst my team and with other teams in the organization. I love being an integral part of development and having a stake in making our technology GR8. I’m really excited for the possibilities and the future of development. We continue to implement really cool technologies, and I can’t wait to see where we will go.

What’s your favorite thing about working at GR8 People?

I love that we’re always doing something new. One workday is never the same as the last, and it makes for a fun and exciting work environment. We are a team that strives for constant innovation, and we are always moving towards the latest and GR8est cutting-edge technologies and functionalities in the marketplace. I find myself getting so enthralled in my daily work that when I start my day in the morning, before I even realize, I blink and it’s 5 o’clock. It’s a GR8 feeling to love what I do so much and to feel so invested in my work and the company.

What is something about you that would surprise people?

I used to really enjoy seeking out and participating in dangerous sports. Two sports in particular were pole vaulting and rugby. Over the past few years, I’ve toned the danger level down a little bit, and my current sport of choice is CrossFit. I love the fast-paced intensity and that I always have the ability to challenge myself. Something else that might surprise people about me is that I’ve done a ton of traveling and I even studied abroad in Australia. New Zealand is the best place I’ve ever traveled, and I hope to visit there again someday.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Most of my spare time now is spent playing with and taking care of my 7-month-old daughter. Being a new mother has been such a joy, and there is nothing better than watching your child learn new things every day. I also really enjoy bird watching. Working from home has really improved my bird watching because my bird feeder is right outside of my office window. I love nature—my favorite place to be is anywhere outside of the house. I like taking walks on the canal, going to parks, hiking, you name it!

Fun Facts About Cassie
• Favorite food: pizza
• Superpower of choice: flying
• Guilty pleasure: sugary foods
• Greatest fear: dying
• Pets: two cats named Lemur and Rocky