GR8 Employee Spotlight: Get to Know Aaron Ilyayev

Meet Senior Software Support Specialist Aaron Ilyayev—a key member of our Customer Success team who is passionate about tech and retromodding.

What’s your role at GR8 People?

I’m a senior software support specialist at GR8 People. It’s my job to assist our customers with any questions or technical problems they might have while using the GR8 People platform. I’m focused on quickly resolving customer queries, recommending solutions, and guiding product users through features and functionality that will best serve them. It’s important that GR8 People customers feel like they have a trusted advisor and friend that they can turn to; one that can offer expert advice and useful information that either resolves an issue or makes their daily use of our product that much easier. I love gathering and analyzing customer feedback and sharing it with our internal teams—this feedback is crucial in continuing to propel the GR8 People platform to be the best and GR8est it can possibly be.

What’s your favorite thing about working at GR8 People?

Easy! The people I work with, hands down. Everybody is amazing—from my teammates to direct management and everyone above. My teammates on the Customer Success team motivate me every single day. We are always able to accomplish what we need to and bounce ideas off one another because we all work really well together.

What is something about you that would surprise people?

Something that would surprise people about me is that I have Bukharan heritage. My ancestors are originally from Israel but got stuck in Uzbekistan when the borders were closed, so Uzbekistan is ultimately where I was born. Uzbekistan was taken over by the Soviets, so my family and I speak Russian. When the Soviet Union fell apart, my dad’s side of the family (including me) made their way to America as refugees and my mom’s side went to Israel. In fact, my mom’s whole family still lives in Israel today.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like playing video games, building computers and retromodding. Retromodding is a practice of restoring and enhancing old gaming devices—it’s tons of fun and an interesting hobby to get into! I’m a big tech enthusiast and would also love to learn how to create movies someday. Specifically, kids’ movies and animations. I think that would be really cool.

Fun Facts About Aaron
• Favorite food: Uzbek cuisine
• Superpower of choice: super speed and super strength
• Guilty pleasure: sugary foods
• Pets: a cat named Gem