Everyone Needs a Platform with ATS & CRM

In the ever-changing world of recruitment, we’ve seen a shift from reactive to proactive strategies that prioritize engaging and attracting talent. Smart recruiters make use of both an ATS (applicant tracking system) and a Talent CRM (candidate relationship marketing system) to manage their hiring processes. Yet, the most successful recruiters embrace a single solution that seamlessly merges ATS and CRM functionality for enhanced efficiencies and unparalleled hiring success.


Web-based applicant tracking systems have been around since the late 1990s (yes, that sounds like a long time ago)—and were traditionally used as a repository to manage job applicants.  They’ve come a long way since then. In today’s world, organizations rely on their ATS to handle every aspect of the hiring process: streamlined hiring workflows, automation to drive the hiring process, AI tools to enhance recruiter productivity, approval processes, interview scheduling, text messaging, automated reminders, compliance management, and comprehensive analytics and reporting. Toss in integrations with third-party vendors, pre-hire checks, job posting, and HRIS—and you’ve got yourself a hiring machine.


When your hiring technology is limited to just an ATS, you lack a means to effectively manage potential talent—those individuals not quite ready for hiring. The CRM replaces the need to maintain evergreen reqs and spreadsheets often used to store leads, while adding a wide range of additional functionality. After all, merely storing leads doesn’t help with the development and nurturing of relationships with potential candidates. A talent CRM offers you a robust platform to source, attract, and consistently engage leads—whether they’re new prospects, past applicants, alumni or silver medalists. By segmenting leads into Talent Pools and automating campaigns to handle timely communications, you can focus on other things but still enjoy the benefits—a ready list of highly engaged leads.

ATS + CRM in One Seamless Platform

Forward-thinking teams not only recognize the advantages of both ATS and CRM, but also understand the value of a unified solution. Imagine a single platform to manage all people, whether they are current applicants, past candidates, new prospects, recruiting event attendees, gig workers seeking their next opportunity, or internal employees exploring new roles. A system that leverages automation to build talent pools, nurture leads, and match talent to new jobs. One platform to help you source with tools including LinkedIn and Indeed; attract applicants with custom career sites that amplify your employer brand; continuously engage leads through automated campaigns; and hire every worker at every stage in the hiring cycle.

You’ve Got One Workforce, You Need One Recruiting System

Don’t let a fragmented recruiting model and a disconnected HR tech stack hold you back. GR8 People built The Everyone Platform™ with everything you need to eliminate friction, simplify your process, and do your job better and faster—all in one seamless platform.  Leave siloed recruitment behind and find your flow.