New Rules for Building High Performing Talent Pools

How Intelligent Automation is Driving the Future of Candidate Relationship Management Programs

New Rules for Building High Performing Talent Pools

What's inside

There's a gap between what recruiters need from their Talent CRM technology and what the industry has delivered. That's all about to change with the next generation of candidate relationship management software.

GR8 People examines why prior CRMs haven't lived up to expectations and how recent changes to structure and functionality are helping recruiters achieve their talent pipelining goals by:

  • Leveraging smart automation to manage continuous engagement
  • Using pre-defined, rules-based journeys to assess each lead's qualifications, interests and availability
  • Tracking lead status to ensure immediate and meaningful pipeline visibility

The result is that candidates have better experiences while recruiters finally get what they've been looking for—actionable lists of high-potential talent they can use to fill jobs quickly.

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