Healthcare Recruiting Brief: Strategies for Hiring During a Crisis

While many organizations may have momentarily paused their hiring efforts, healthcare recruiters are confronting a drastically different reality. GR8 People’s new brief details the seven key strategies that talent acquisition teams can leverage to attract and hire in-demand workers for hospitals, health systems and healthcare providers.


The same things that mattered yesterday to healthcare recruiting success will be your most effective go-to strategies today:

  1. Assessing your facility’s internal talent availability and mobility
  2. Identifying previously overlooked sources of talent
  3. Implementing a virtual recruiting strategy quickly
  4. Keeping in touch with qualified, interested and available candidates
  5. Ensuring clear, consistently, timely and credible candidate messaging
  6. Generating referrals during challenging times
  7. Streamlining the recruiting process for faster hiring

Start building on the strong foundation you need to hire efficiently and effectively during a crisis.

Healthcare Recruiting Brief: Strategies for Hiring During a Crisis

Healthcare Recruiting Strategies During a Crisis | E-Books
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