Healthcare Recruiting Brief: Strategies for Hiring During a Crisis

7 Ways to Overcome the Challenges of Hiring In-demand Healthcare Workers Today

Healthcare Recruiting Brief: Strategies for Hiring During a Crisis

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Healthcare recruiters around the world are trying to hire millions of clinical workers and need realistic strategies to overcome the challenges of hiring at this scale during a global pandemic. What we've learned is that the same approaches that mattered yesterday to healthcare recruiting success are proving to be the most effective go-to strategies for today's talent acquisition teams:

  • Assessing your facility’s internal talent availability and mobility
  • Identifying previously overlooked sources of talent
  • Implementing a virtual recruiting strategy quickly
  • Keeping in touch with qualified, interested and available candidates
  • Ensuring clear, consistent, timely and credible candidate messaging
  • Generating referrals during challenging times
  • Streamlining the recruiting process for faster hiring

Start building on the strong foundation you need to hire efficiently and effectively during a crisis.

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