GR8 People Releases an Ultra-Modern, New Look for the Next Generation of Enterprise Recruiting Software

Released on 6/18/20

New UX delivers seamless and intuitive user experiences that enable faster access to key features and functionality, driving improved efficiency and performance forward for talent acquisition.

PHILADELPHIA, June 18, 2020 — GR8 People, a breakthrough One-Experience Talent Platform for the enterprise, announces the release of a fresh, clean and ultra-modern look for its new user experience, which is designed to both visually appeal to the user and deliver an easier and more efficient navigation of the company’s robust enterprise recruiting software platform.

Talent acquisition teams face a continually changing landscape with extraordinary demands. Despite ongoing innovation in how people find, engage and hire talent, recruiters and job seekers still want simpler, more intuitive experiences that provide better outcomes. The ideal solution to this all-too-common challenge is evident throughout every aspect of GR8 People’s enhanced UX that delivers on form and function for every user.

“Today is a really exciting day for GR8 People as we have worked collaboratively with our customers, designers, engineers, and marketing and UX research teams to deliver the personalization, simplification and accessibility features that define our new UX,” notes Co-founder and Chief Product Officer Jayne Kettles. “We re-imagined the platform’s UX and navigation with a focus on removing redundancies and providing even more user customization, intuitiveness and agility. It’s reflective of our company’s commitment to ensuring every user has an exceptional experience, and I could not be more enthusiastic to announce the enhancements our team has made to improve the user experience and platform efficiency.”

GR8 People, which has established a reputation within the industry for pairing exceptional technology with an unrivaled dedication to customer success, leveraged its customer-guided approach to innovation while applying leading-edge UX design principles to implement major enhancements, including:

• Ultra-Modern New Look
An updated look and feel leads the way of platform enhancements leveraging a color palette and styles that are both visually appealing and designed to make it easier and more efficient for even the newest user to navigate the system.

• Platform Navigation
The main navigation menu has been moved to where users want it to be--the left side of the screen. The new vertical navigation presents a more streamlined experience to intuitively and quickly draw the eye to the categories, items and data that matter most. Next steps users should take to advance their workflows and realize greater hiring efficiency in the process are guided by color and modern button styles.

• Personalization
Addressing the unique needs of all users, including system administrators and superusers, is important to successful user adoption and experience. Personalization is made easy by bringing the most essential features and functionality for each user to the forefront. Users will ultimately see only what they need to—and nothing they don’t.

• Simplification
Establishing a user-driven data-hierarchy led to streamlining and restructuring all navigation menu items. Users will benefit from a menu that places items exactly where they expect to find them.

• Accessibility
The new UX provides top-level access to related components and natively built applications, such as the GR8 BRAND drag-drop-done career website builder and GR8 People’s text recruiting solution, for immediate access from anywhere in the platform.

As Product Manager Chase Hall emphasizes, “Our efforts were always informed by three main UX goals. First, making the platform even easier to use. Second, delivering navigation that provides resident access to the most frequently used features. And, finally, making the transition simple for users because it’s a self-service oriented design.”

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