GR8 People Sets the Bar for Recruiting Software with Next Gen Talent Acquisition Innovations

Released on 2/4/20

Machine learning, AI-driven personalization and skills tag cloud built natively within the platform offer recruiters meaningful TA tech solutions.

PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 4, 2020 — GR8 People, a breakthrough One-Experience Talent Platform for the enterprise recruiting function, announces a series of innovations that put customers on the path to greater performance and productivity, as well as ensure seamless experiences for recruiters, hiring managers, job seekers and candidates.

Known for delivering thoughtful tech advancements and solutions to the talent acquisition marketplace, GR8 People’s latest round of innovations provide customers AI-powered personalization that elevates the entire candidate experience. Key capabilities of the platform’s modern job seeker experience drive talent discovery, engagement and intelligence to vastly increase apply conversions and candidate quality and include:

• AI-powered Career Website uses AI to curate unique candidate journeys that are tailored to their specific interests by leveraging advanced nurturing and engagement functionality.

• Skills Tag Cloud employs AI to offer candidates a deeper selection of job-related skills and capabilities specific to the hiring organization, enabling a better match to specific roles.

• Recommended Jobs put candidates in control of the information they are served by allowing them to quickly drop a resume or select from a menu of skills for instant matching of the most relevant roles.

In addition, recruiters can accelerate the hiring process with text messaging. Today’s talent spends most of their time on mobile devices and, unlike email and voice mail, SMS text messages have a 98% open rate (Mobile Marketing Watch). GR8 People’s native text capabilities ensure that recruiters can leverage the speed and ease of text to instantly engage both active and passive candidates on a one-to-on basis or by sending messages to entire groups of job seekers. Among the many benefits of text recruiting:

• Increase job seeker engagement by proactively communicating with candidates in real-time conversations managed from individual profiles or the texting dashboard.

• Improve hiring productivity by integrating text messaging into hiring workflows for much faster communications and, ultimately, applies, as well as responses required to move candidates quickly through the hiring process. Plus, users can track all text conversations, storing transcripts in candidate profiles for future search and review.

• Deliver personalized messaging by leveraging templates for quick reuse of common interactions while still delivering the tailored messages that elicit immediate response.

“Increasingly, talent will be won or lost due not only to a company’s strategies but also its ability to respond faster to market conditions and talent requirements,” notes GR8 People CEO Diane Smith. “Our team remains on the forefront of bringing new technologies that deliver tangible business results to our customers, every day. This innovation mindset enables GR8 People to put our customers first and be the trusted advisor they need in a complex environment, guiding them to talent acquisition success rather than following the latest buzz in the market, which is often yet to be proven effective.”

About GR8 People

GR8 People is 100 percent purpose-built to deliver the unfair advantage companies demand to compete for talent around the world. It is the enterprise platform that brings CRM, recruitment marketing, applicant tracking, hiring and onboarding together; connecting entire talent ecosystems into one-experience of performance, agility and intelligence.