gr8 People Brings Robotics to Recruiting

RecruitBOT accelerates hiring while enabling companies to radically improve the way recruiting teams manage the hiring process.

gr8 People Inc., a leader in enterprise recruiting software for Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Corporate Enterprises, announced today that recruiting just got more intelligent with their RecruitBOT Engine. The RecruitBOT Engine fully automates the top of funnel activities that includes sourcing, marketing, screening, interview scheduling, and talent pool ranking; freeing recruiters to focus on engaging with and selling the best talent.

Every talent leader knows finding and engaging with the most qualified talent faster is critical to success. However, most leaders will also tell you that current technology offerings are disjointed systems, offering very little lift in time to engage with top talent. gr8 People’s RecruitBOT Engine provides recruiters with process automation capabilities designed to intelligently understand required sourcing activities. This automation, combined with real-time analytics, introduces a new era of smart sourcing that works in concert with HR teams and Hiring Managers to deliver better talent, faster.

Available as part of the of the gr8 People Platform, the RecruitBOT Engine enables:

  • Intelligent Requirements Builder - Automatically build “boost-able” job criteria to match and build valuable talent pools.

  • Source and Identify Talent Faster – Let RecruitBOT work for you. Search multiple sources to identify top of funnel requirements and trigger the screening and engagement automatically; while recruiters focus on building relationships with employee prospects.

  • Faster Time to Engagement – Work hard and smart by automating top of funnel activity; source, market, screen, interview, and score talent pools - promoting quick identification of the most qualified candidates allowing time to ensure the right organizational fit.

  • Deliver Qualified, Engaged Talent to Hiring Managers – RecruitBOT makes it possible for recruiters to present the best candidates for hiring manager consideration. By exploiting reach and automation, hiring managers can compare and assess qualified candidates faster with more success.

  • Scale for the most complex global organizations – The gr8 People Platform offers the only solution that can scale globally to support any workforce type or hiring process. Built on our highly flexible and scalable platform, the RecruitBOT Engine drives processes across a limitless number of entities, departments, and lines of business and can be easily configured to meet unique hiring needs.

  • Provide a gr8 experience – By leveraging the RecruitBOT Engine within the gr8 People platform, hiring teams can do what they do best; build relationships with top talent. From requirements recognition to applicant engagement and consideration presentation, each interaction can be tailored to the unique needs of a role within an organization; promoting a gr8 user experience.

Why gr8 People’s RecruitBOT Matters

Organizations are under remarkable pressure to transform their hiring interactions into customer service machines to meet the new demands of the modern digital consumer. We’ve already seen the power of our “All-in-One-Place” Platform benefit customers with their talent acquisition needs. RecruitBOT has fundamentally shifted the conversation around what Sourcing and CRM should be – effortlessly intelligent and strategic, proactive and effective for all stakeholders.

“Over the past 5 years, we have built a highly successful company that has helped customers leverage the power of robotics and hiring intelligence in their recruiting efforts,” said Jayne Kettles, COO. “This is just the tip of the iceberg of what robotics can really offer when creating a workforce. By developing RecruitBOT, we believe we have advanced robotic automation within the hiring process in an exciting new direction that will forever change how hiring teams interact with talent communities.”

Dara Brenner, Chief Product Officer at gr8 People added, “In embracing the science, we never forget the art. When you automate the right tasks in the process, it frees up time so recruiters can do what they do best – engage and recruit the best talent. RecruitBOT offers a world where all the heavy lifting and repetitive tasks are eliminated enabling more focus on strategy, building relationships with candidates and finding new hires.”

About gr8 People

gr8 People is 100 percent purpose-built to deliver the unfair advantage companies demand to compete for talent around the world. All-in-one, more powerful, but remarkably simple. It’s the breakthrough platform that brings sourcing, marketing, hiring and onboarding strategies to life; significantly improving productivity, empowering the free flow of information, and driving better talent decisions faster. It’s everything talent professionals need to Recruit gr8. All in One Place. (