Release offers Personalization, Globalization, Consumerism, and Style Innovation

gr8 People Inc., a leader in enterprise recruiting software for Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Corporate Enterprises, announced today its Spring16 Release, which highlights over 50 major features across the “All-in-One-Place” Platform.

“With Spring16 Release, we are again showcasing gr8 People’s industry knowledge, technical excellence and unwavering commitment to our customers,” said Diane Smith, CEO of gr8 People. “One of the most compelling attributes of the gr8 People Platform is our ability to always move our customers forward. We are setting a course with our “All-in-One-Place” Platform that the industry has no choice but to try and follow. With a combination of industry leading customers, always-on innovation and a platform built for the enterprise that brings it all together; we provide a proven roadmap for Talent Acquisition Success.”

What's New:

Advancing Personalization - Configurable Desktop

For many users, personalization is key, and the user experience can make a world of difference in Talent Acquisition. Spring16 brings innovation to the gr8 People Desktop delivering key enhancements with the launch of a new, freely configurable desktop. Each user’s desktop journey can now be unique depending on role or preferred views with the ability to personalize desktop displays, modifying layouts and selecting desired widgets that mean something to them.

  • Flexible Look and Feel: Spring16 intends to give our users not just the perfect desktop experience but also a completely personalized one.
  • The Smart Desktop: New enhancements include choosing and arranging widgets that capture a user’s work environment. The Smart Desktop offers a widget gallery, letting users drag widgets in or out. As a user needs change, new widgets are easily added or arranged into preferred positions.

Globalization - Multi-Currency Support for Global Businesses

With gr8 People, we continue to expand globalization features that are available anytime, anywhere, in any country, language or location – the only enterprise-class solution designed to support the deep deployments of today’s largest global organizations.

  • Multi-Currency Support: Spring16 delivers new levels of international date and currency formats that are driven by location or country by extending certain fields and tables to accommodate global requirements.

Elevating the Candidate Experience

Spring16 continues to deliver on our commitment to a gr8 user experience. Upgrades focus on profile and job management but as a single platform, the design and functionality of the user experience touches every screen of the candidate portal experience. As a result, everyone benefits from an experience that is:

  • Consumer-Driven: Familiar visual cues and patterns make the candidate apply process simple and visually appealing.
  • Highlighted: A shift to highlight key areas such as ‘apply’, ‘save’ and ‘share’ to a more prominent view position, along with additions to candidate’s profile management and personalization with improved layouts.
  • Contextual: More intelligent and predictive job suggestions feature personalize the candidate experience with the proposal of similar or suggested jobs in a similar category for fast and efficient searching.

Building the Brand – Tweaks

Spring16 Release has made creating custom landing pages within the candidate portal that look amazing everywhere even easier with our enhanced Branding Template Style Editor. Editor now supports self-service capability to modify links, buttons, colors and styles that reflect the desired look and feel of the candidate portal experience.

Comments on the Announcement

"Our customers have made it clear they need a forward-looking platform that enables them to offer a more personalized, global experience in order to cultivate, collaborate and engage talent," said Dara Brenner, Chief Product Officer, gr8 People. "Spring16 Release seamlessly provides users a personalized, more intuitive system that supports large global companies, anytime, anywhere, any language, currency, or location. As a result, our users are empowered to compete at the speed of business, with ground breaking innovation and purpose-built performance -- creating a collaborative environment where recruiting is continuous and ubiquitous."

About gr8 People

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