gr8 People’s Exchange program offers VirtualEdge customers free integration, data migration and guaranteed implementation timeline.

gr8 People, llc, the leading provider of Collaborative Recruiting Software, announced today an aggressive Exchange program that offers companies the opportunity to replace their existing VirtualEdge Recruiting product at a significant discount. The gr8 People Exchange Program is designed to help ease the transition following ADP’s announced retirement plan for the VirtualEdge product. VirtualEdge’s original founders, now the founders of gr8 People offer this program in effect as of today, and will run through May 31, 2015.

ADP customers that currently use VirtualEdge are eligible for the Exchange program, including the following:

  • One (1) Free integration with a Third Party Provider
  • Free data migration of ATS Data
  • Guaranteed Implementation timeline

“Let’s face it, the moment you are told by your vendor that they have decided to ‘retire’, ‘cancel’ or ‘discontinue’ your current platform can be frustrating, disruptive and costly,” said Diane Smith, CEO of gr8 People, and former CEO of VirtualEdge. She continued, “The recruiting platform that’s right for your organization today may well be different than the one that served your organization in days gone by - we want to offer VE customers an alternative.”

“Clearly this is personal for us at gr8 People. We want to make it simple for VirtualEdge customers to switch to gr8 People so they can quickly start benefiting from our all-in-one Collaborative Recruiting Platform and begin recognizing significant value,” said Smith. “Implementation, integration and data migration can be roadblocks for some recruiting solutions, but gr8 People has the proven experience, model and experts to successfully offer a different path.” She continued, “Those VirtualEdge customers interested in the exchange program can contact me directly at”

About gr8 PEOPLE

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