Industry veterans provide new foundation for modern staffing organizations to Cultivate, Collaborate, and Engage Talent.

gr8 People, llc, the leading provider of Collaborative Recruiting Software, announced today the general availability of the industry’s first all-in-one Collaborative Recruiting Platform empowering the free flow of information, communication and enterprise productivity to solve recruiting’s biggest challenges.

According to co-founders and industry veterans, Jayne Kettles and Diane Smith, gr8 People re-entered the talent acquisition marketplace because their vision was not complete. Their first company, VirtualEdge, was successfully acquired by Automated Data Processing Inc. (NASDAQ:ADP) in 2006.

Smith described the re-entry as an opportunity to redefine how staffing professionals recruit talent. “It has been written about by analysts, on recruiter wish-lists and blogs around the world — could a vendor bring today’s antiquated, segregated recruiting platform into ONE, MODERN solution combining sourcing, marketing, recruiting, collaboration, social, and global for today’s talent-powered enterprise.”

gr8 People’s all-in-one vision is possible due to its patent pending Fluid Platform™. The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) single code-base platform that embraces collaboration, is built for change and agility; adept to respond to recruitment market changes. At the core of the Fluid Platform’s foundation is a metadata driven architecture that is scalable and secure while highly adapable to solving customers recruitment challenges. The platform offers a common set of services and advanced capabilities designed to solve a myriad of obstacles related to recruiting activites and the lifecycle of recruitment data.

She continued, “It was not easy, but our vision is becoming reality … the First All-in-One Collaborative Recruiting Platform. One solution, one provider, one fluid platform for all things talent. It’s about users competing at the speed of business, with ground breaking innovation and purpose-built performance. With years of experience developing award-winning Talent Acquisition Solutions, our industry knowledge, technology expertise and seasoned team are 100% committed to redefining the market and are truly excited for the opportunity to making a difference once again.”

About gr8 PEOPLE

gr8 People provides the software foundation for modern staffing organizations to cultivate, collaborate, engage and hire talent; empowering the free flow of information, communication and enterprise productivity to solve recruiting’s biggest challenges. The gr8 People Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform weaves world-wide collaboration into its everyday fabric; a platform that crosses workforces, nations and time zones; a platform that has no boundaries, or silos — creating a fluid recruiting environment that redefines how the world recruits talent. For more information visit