Source & Attract Talent

More than ever before, companies must attract and engage with talent inside, outside and across the enterprise. gr8 People provides a robust Platform that takes finding and attracting talent to the next level, so you can proactively build your organization's talent communities and pipelines. Manage interactions, reduce cycle times, strengthen relationships and engage with talent ahead of demand.

  • Better Candidate Relationship Management
  • Engaging Talent Communities and Networks
  • Automated Sourcing Robotics
  • Powerful Email Marketing
  • Automated Job Postings Worldwide
  • Social Network Integration
  • Employee Referral and Campus Recruiting
  • Analytics

Drive More Pipeline Activity

Put your brand in talent’s path. Attract top-of-funnel traffic through inbound and outbound programs and convert leads with uniquely personalized nurture campaigns, landing pages or customized messages to qualified candidates. Share campaigns with a gr8 Job link on social sites or send SMS text messages to identify and deliver more leads ahead of demand.

Build Engaging Mobile–Responsive Talent Portals

Leverage self-service utilities to create dynamic career portals and landing pages for specific regions, job categories and in support of targeted marketing campaigns. Automate job distribution via aggregation tools to drive traffic to your career site.

Get your Content in Front of the Right Talent

Create a better candidate experience, with beautiful microsites and landing pages that not only offer job seekers a great first impression but also generate talent leads and look great on any device – no designers or IT help required. Setting up branded career pages can be done in minutes.

Engage with Passive Talent Anywhere, Any Device

Reach the Talent you need across mobile, tablet, and desktop; ensuring applicants can find you from any source, at any time, from anywhere, with any device.

Automate Social Communications

Utilize gr8 job links to automatically generate a unique, trackable link enabling recruiters to capture source, clicks and views from job boards, social sites and email. In addition, nurture talent with branded emails keeping them informed of news, events, and opportunities at your company.

Gain Insight into your Marketing Performance

Gain insight into your entire funnel to see which marketing strategies are working and measure how and where you can impact your talent goals.

Post Jobs Worldwide

Easily post jobs and source candidates to and from career sites around the world with built-in real-time performance and analytics.

Easy and Effective Job Distribution

Easily create job ads and advertise them strategically with predictive analytics. Post them to free and paid job boards with just a click.

Broadcast to 100s of Job Boards

Automatically broadcast jobs to any of the world’s top job search engines and social media outlets with full control and analytics. Measure job posting performance from post to apply to hire. No recruiter action required freeing up hours leaving more time for quality interaction with talent.

Make your Jobs Stand Out

Bring your job ads to life to attract the best talent possible. Ensure your job ads are fully responsive (desktop and mobile) and SEO optimized. Display videos, refer a friend options, and hiring manager profiles on your job ads to make your employer brand shine.

Smart Scrape for Total Automation

Don’t lift a finger to post jobs, instead utilize scraping technology to scrape your career site and deliver your jobs to pre-selected locations — ensure complete accuracy and confidence knowing it’s always up to date.

Know the Best Sources for Performance

Direct your advertising spend to those channels that deliver the highest quality candidates for your business.

Source with Recruiting Robotics

A recruiter’s time is most valuable when they are able to spend quality time with quality candidates. Take the heavy lifting out of recruiting by providing recruiters with process automation capabilities designed to intelligently understand required sourcing activities to deliver better talent, faster.

Save Time with Robotics

The biggest benefit of recruiting robotics is time savings. By automating the top of the funnel processes, recruiters gain 3 to 5 hours back that can now be used for true productivity; building relationships and a strategy for success.

Boost Candidate Outreach and Nurturing

Offer a consistent method of outreach and interaction to stay in constant contact with applicants. Users can create engaging and eye pleasing campaigns that can be sequenced and scheduled (drip) for higher levels of engagement. Automate from one campaign to the next to build talent communities, strengthen marketing efforts, and promote your brand.

Interview Scheduling and Video Interviewing

Automate the entire apply process, including self-scheduling and video interviewing functions. Recruiters leave for the night and arrive the next morning with sourced, qualified and scheduled phone interviews – grab that cup of coffee and off you go.

Sourcing, Screening and Automated Short-listing

Automatically build “boost-able” job criteria to match and build valuable talent pools. Search multiple sources to identify top of funnel requirements and trigger screening and engagement automatically while recruiters focus on building relationships with prospects.

Always ‘on’ Recruiting to Accelerate Hiring

Speed and agility to access qualified talent pools is accelerated on finding, attracting, screening and recruiting talent. By automating activities - source, market, screen, interview – robotics promotes quick identification of the most qualified candidates allowing time to ensure the right organizational fit.

Score the Candidate Experience

Create an NPS (Net Promoter Score) for your candidate experience. Utilize automation to collect real-time data to monitor candidate happiness by stage of the hiring process. Automatically generate emails and short surveys as candidates progress through the process. Engage with silver medalists to stay ‘top-of-mind’ and hold their interest.

Accelerate Productivity

Remove low value task work and give recruiters more time to spend with candidates. Elicit more insightful conversations with talent and hiring managers finding the best candidates for consideration.  Exploit introspective automation and listeners to find, reach, compare, and assess qualified candidates faster with a higher level of success.

Easy Employee Referral

Streamline the process for recommending top talent and rewarding employees with a single destination to view open jobs, easily refer candidates, and check on the status of past referrals.

Turbo-Charge Employee Referrals

Employee referrals are worth their weight in gold. With a viable program your current workforce can be your company’s most fruitful hiring source. With the gr8 People Platform empowers employees to refer candidates from a single destination where they can view jobs, submit referrals and, most importantly, follow their referrals though the hiring lifecycle.

Automate the Referral Lifecycle

Capitalize on referrals to improve sourcing of high quality candidates. An automated employee referral process provides for more comprehensive tracking and reporting of referred candidates. Keep your employees informed regarding their referral’s hiring process.

Social Referral Tracking

Offer every employee a social referral link to share jobs on social networks or put it in their email. They’ll automatically get referral credit for anyone who applies for a job after clicking on their link.  Employees can broadcast openings to their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter networks, and send private invitations to apply. 


Add gamification to your referral program, making it fun and allowing you to track and manage participation. The leaderboard ensures that employees get credit for every referral.

Keep Employees Informed and Excited

Keep employees informed with automated notifications at every stage of the hiring lifecycle on the status of their referral.

Awards Payments and Integration

Keep your employee referral program and payroll system in synch, eliminating the need for your recruiters to manage the process manually. Approved awards will be automatically sent to payroll with an award date and award information.

Find the Best Students on Campus

Find, recruit and hire the best students across the country. Schedule on-campus interviews, register for upcoming career fairs, or set up your own events.

Campus Recruiting without Barriers

Give campus recruitment teams the platform they need to find, engage, and hire more of the right students. With gr8 People, college recruitment teams can create unique and personalized experiences for each event to reinforce your employer brand, create connections and make a lasting impression on a new crop of talent.

End-to-End Campus Recruiting

Give campus recruiters the platform to automate, manage and measure everything from campus event invitation to pre-registration, application, screening, interviews to internship offers and ultimately full-time offer.

Manage Campaigns and Events

Manage all your campaigns and events from one place. Eliminates the road blocks of event management and make it simple to execute campaigns for event promotion, registration, and general activities so you can ensure another successful event.

Use Social Media to get the Word Out

Promote events across email, microsites, landing pages and social media to attract attendees as well as generating general interest to increase candidate traffic to your booth.

Spend more time with Talent - Automate

Let automation do the heavy lifting at events leaving more time to engage and interact with high potential talent. Automation offers mini ‘robots’ to help free campus recruiters from communication, reminders, event self-scheduling, skills assessment, and event follow-up, allowing extra time to focus on core event strategies and results.

Create Long-Term Relationships

Extend the value beyond the day of your event to build and create long-term talent pipelines. Nurture and grow relationships with students and ‘soon to be’ graduating students throughout their careers who are potential hires in the future.

Get the Complete View Online and Offline

Access a single view of your attendees participation and interest both online and offline so you don’t experience long lines and miss any talent.

Measure Success with Built-In Dashboards

Determine the success of your events with built-in dashboards to track, analyze and measure the performance of each campus event from pre-registration to applications to hires all from one platform.

Measure What Matters

Measure and improve your talent pipelines by tracking what matters. Powerful, easy-to-use visual analytics lets you attribute success to activities throughout your funnel. It’s never been easier to bring all your talent stats from every data point into one seamless view your team will love.

Data Tells you What’s Happening - Stories Tell you Why it Matters

Passive and active candidates, candidate experience and engagement, employer branding, hiring and onboarding – they all have a story with data. But all the data created doesn’t provide valuable insights on its own. gr8 People provides a single source of data truth that empowers talent acquisition professionals with clarity to see, understand and deliver smarter business decisions and drive business forward.

See the Complete Picture with Analytics

One source to connect, analyze and visualize all your talent data in just a few clicks, to tell your talent story with significant insights, intelligence and results.

Go from Guessing to Knowing

Communicate information clearly and efficiently via statistical graphics, plots and information graphics. Effective visualization helps users go from guessing to knowing about data and evidence. Make data more accessible, understandable and usable.

Improve Recruiter Agility

Determine processes working well and identify areas of friction. Time to fill alone doesn’t define an efficient talent acquisition process. Speed, agility, robotics and workflow analysis can offer visual views to move from insight and action. Visualize funnel reports, talent communities, open jobs, hires and conversions for improvement and success.

Share Insights, Performance and Results

Explore who is leading, and why, with the ability to “see the whole picture”. Get insights visualized from individual outcomes to entire hiring lifecycle performance metrics to provide better understanding of how performance has influenced your talent story.

Drive Action and Change

With talent analytics, visually see areas of improvement and uncover the hidden truths of productivity, predictability, conversions and outcomes all while unlocking powerful insights to drive organizational change and readiness.

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