Market to Talent

Just as consumers have demanded a better experience with brands, candidates are expecting the same. Candidates want to be heard. They want communication in return. And, they want their experience to be relevant individually as well as to the new work they are exploring.

gr8 People provides a robust Marketing Automation Platform to help strengthen and improve the entire candidate experience from campaigns, talent communities and social networks to ensure that the right person, with the right skills, makes it to your recruiting team - at the right time.

  • Better Recruitment Marketing Automation
  • Candidate-Centric Experience
  • Beautiful Landing Pages and Microsites
  • Engaging Mobile Optimized Campaigns
  • The Right Content in Front of the Right Talent
  • Analytics to Track Web Visits, Form Completions, Social Shares

Create a Positive Candidate Experience

Create a happy and engaging candidate experience to attract and retain top performers. This isn’t just about a nice looking career center, but rather a holistic approach to enhancing every interaction you have with the candidate community. From the way you set up talent portals, to the creative ways you market to talent, to the ultra-simplified apply process and how to easily express interest in a job on desktops, tablets or mobile devices.

Create a ‘Candidate-Centric’ Experience

Let’s face it, talent doesn’t need you as much as you need them. Candidate happiness begins with an ultra-simplified apply process and a candidate journey that keeps them engaged and interested. With just a click, candidates can easily apply to express interest on desktops, tablets or mobile devices. Offer additional delight with videos, two-way communication, and easy next step progressions. Your team can design remarkable brand-centric career site experiences to drive engagement and maximize conversion.

Create the Talent Portal that Does it All

Promote you brand with an online talent portal to tell your story that job seekers want to be a part of and explore. Provide personalized content to engage the best talent. Build striking landing pages, talent portals and campaigns to promote your unique employment brand whether on a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Design Amazing Experiences

Enable personalized experiences and targeted marketing campaigns for talent utilizing your personal self-service design studio. No need to wait when you maintain ownership over the entire creative process and ensure adherence to brand guidelines. Straightforward to use, no design or creative skills are necessary allowing recruiting teams to develop high quality creative content and experiences with ease and expertise.

Not Ready to Apply? Join the Talent Community

Proactively build and showcase your organization's talent communities and pipelines for talent who may not be quite ready to apply, but are still interested.. Manage interactions, strengthen relationships and engage with talent ahead of demand. Promote talent communities through your career center, social networks, and employees.

Don’t Forget the Silver Medalists

Don’t forget to leverage one of the most underused, yet effective talent groups, the silver medalists. In fact the candidate who made it to the final round of interviews is likely a good culture and skill fit. Nurture these semi-finalists with automated ‘like’ jobs to keep them interested and engaged.

Fingerprint the Experience

Fingerprint the candidate experience measuring key metrics such as mobile readiness, pre-candidate experience and engagement, candidate satisfaction, recruiter response times and application drop off to ensure your experience provides the results you expect.

Campaigns to Drive Conversion

Turn leads into applicants, and candidates into hires. Easily create beautiful mobile optimized campaigns, tailored to every individual visitor. Through a simple self-service design studio users can create customized campaigns providing job seekers with a individualized experience tailored to career tracks, interests or locations.

Target the Right Talent with the Right Content

Today’s job seeker’s want personalized, one-on-one conversations with employer brands. And, they want their interviewing experience to be relevant for them individually as well as to the work they are exploring. It is imperative that employers present the right content to the right talent personas for increased engagement and success.

Create Email Campaigns Quickly and Simply

Create beautiful campaigns utilizing your personal self-service design studio. Use a drag-and-drop asset builder with professionally-designed templates for a uniquely branded campaign that looks great on every device. Straightforward to use, no design or creative skills are necessary allowing recruiting teams to develop high quality creative content and experiences with ease and expertise.

Grow Talent with Nurture Campaigns

Turn job seekers into loyal fans with tailored email campaigns. A successful lead nurturing campaign will focus on a clearly defined talent audience, make use of specific targets and goals, and produce measurable results. Managing and creating a successful campaign is simple utilizing a self-service design studio.

Build Personalized Journeys with Marketing Automation

Engage with your audience by triggering emails automatically in real time based on activity—or lack of activity - offering a more personal experience delivering timely and relevant content for increased engagement.

Create Goal Based Campaigns

Goals are essential to your talent strategies.  With goal based campaigns you can track success by clicks, views and a day-by-day breakdown of performance as you watch candidates transition through the pipeline funnel.

Convert Fans into Leads and Hires

Turn campaigns, events and contests into leads. Create configurable templates to create promotions that help you attract and capture leads. Monitor your success and schedule posts and tweets with a gr8 Job!™ link to get the word out.

Execute and Measure Campaigns

Get all your marketing performance metrics into one seamless view your team will love. See the results of your recruiting analytics across all channels, job boards and tactics, through every touch point in the candidate journey from attraction to apply to hire.

Measure & Track Marketing Efforts

Trigger emails off behaviors such as web visits, form completions, social shares, or even when someone checks in for an in-person event. Understand how your email campaigns perform with dashboards and in-depth reports (web and mobile).

A Single View of Marketing Intelligence

The most effective recruiting enterprises thrive on rich, timely, and actionable information. The insights gained allow the audience to ‘see’ what is happening, to determine how you are resonating with talent. Visually see insights of overall candidate engagement from your marketing efforts. Experience the story of clicks, drop-offs, videos, surveys and content consumption.

Identify & Optimize Talent Investments

Identify which channels deliver the most value and highest results so you can put your budget toward the most effective programs and make the best decisions.

Actionable Insights at your Fingertips

Explore all your marketing data. Discover new patterns. Explore rich visuals and share insights with easy-to-use analytics and business intelligence tools.

Share Engagement Reports and Dashboards

Easily share reports that provide a 360 degree snapshot of candidate engagement, funnel throughput, process efficiency, sourcing and recruitment marketing analytics, and so much more.

Adaptive User Experience

Fully responsive marketing dashboards and visual discovery interfaces enable users to directly interact with the dashboard. Filtering has been made intuitive, with results seamlessly cascading across filters and dashboard pages.

Scheduled Dashboard Delivery for Busy Executives

Business users need not worry as dashboards can be scheduled and delivered by day or time via email allowing Talent Acquisition Execs on-the-go to stay informed.

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