Hire Talent

The real fuel and energy behind a company’s growth and success comes from its people. Now, more than ever, it’s imperative that organizations attract, hire and engage people from one platform. Whether you work locally or globally, have a big team or small, gr8 People provides the one-experience platform to help you hire the best. Built to meet enterprise needs, from sourcing to onboarding and everything in between— we’ve got it covered.

  • Take Control of the Entire Hiring Lifecycle
  • Power Recruiting Dashboards
  • Create and Manage Requisitions
  • Powerful Workflows and Smart Searching
  • Beautiful Talent Portals
  • Social and Mobile Recruiting
  • Employee Referral and Campus Recruiting
  • Integrations (HRIS, Background Checks, etc.)
  • Onboarding
  • Analytics to Drive Better Performance

Experience Real Enterprise Hiring

The real fuel and energy behind a company’s growth and success comes from its people. Now, more than ever, it’s imperative that organizations attract, hire and engage people from one platform. Whether you work, local, global or have a big or small team gr8 People provides the one-experience platform to help you hire the best. Built to meet enterprise needs, from sourcing to onboarding and everything in between— we’ve got it covered.

One-Experience to Recruit gr8. Worldwide.

Every industry. Any size or location. Our one-stop experience platform is designed and built to help you not only find and hire the best talent, but also operate as you, the user needs it to operate - local, global, role-based, with workflows and extensive configuration to understand your business processes so users can compete at the speed of business, with ground breaking innovation and purpose-built performance.

Uncompromising Hiring Performance

gr8 People has put the power to perform back in talent professionals' hands with one platform that brings sourcing, marketing, collaboration, hiring and onboarding strategies to life.

From Source to Board and Everything In Between

We put the hiring power in your hands from career sites, job postings, requisitions, marketing, screening, assessments, interviews, offer management, onboarding and so much more — we’ve got it covered.

Powerful Workflows Made Simple

Get higher efficiency, control and better outcomes through automation. With a simple drag-and-drop user interface provide recruiters with workflow technology that guides the user on best next steps, showing options for a faster and more efficient way of saving time.

Designed for the Most Complex Global Organizations

Gain operational excellence and increase agility with a single global instance that aligns common HR processes while supporting local compliance and process needs across multiple countries.

Enterprise Talent Intelligence

Blend, analyze and visualize talent data in just a few clicks, offering faster time to value and a single source of data truth. Empowers the TA team with clarity to better see, understand and take action to deliver better business decisions.

Recruit Better Together & On The Go

Bring together recruiters, information, and business to hire the best, drive engagement and deliver meaningful results. Utilize collaboration and mobile recruiting to share content, knowledge and interactions for teams to work together without barriers.

Communicate Openly for Superior Results

Collaboration is a key attribute of world-class recruiting organizations. Everyday important decisions are made in posts, on walls and in the halls of companies. This rapid pace of information makes it more important than ever for recruiting organizations to share content, knowledge and interactions - to work together without barriers. With gr8 People, leverage the widespread use of text messaging to reach targeted talent and capture chatter from spontaneous threads so your team has access to information when they need it.

Let Collaboration Come to Life

Plan and discuss recruiting, talent strategies, share files, gather ideas and feedback to get the most from teams. In the Watercooler, users communicate faster and build collaborative knowledge by sharing and discussing within a secure, unified application.

Supercharge Productivity at the Watercooler

Less meetings — more productivity; get work done in the Watercooler. Whether working closely with a small team or a global workforce, users will have the workspace to help communicate openly; know more, share more, and connect more to get the recruiting results users expect.

Centralize and Track All Communication

Manage and track all communication and activity with candidates and stakeholders in one place.  All team members are constantly up to date with the latest conversation, documentation and information. 

Extend Management Participation

No need to log into the system, when you provide a desktop for management where users have the ability to quickly and easily see their tasks, activities, and responsibilities. The mobile desktop helps accelerate the hiring process and create greater engagement across hiring teams; allowing teams to complete urgent, time-sensitive tasks on-the-go. This can include creating and approving jobs, reviewing and statusing candidates, providing interview feedback, approving offers and much more. 

Phone, Tablet, Desktop – Your Call

In the office, on the road and on the go, let mobile keep the hiring team, management and candidates connected to keep all activity and tasks moving forward.

One Connected Ecosystem

Bring all aspects of talent acquisition and its partner ecosystems into one-experience without the need for separate tools, logins or technical expertise. It’s the platform that connects all recruiting tools and data into a single hiring system of record.

Unify the Talent Ecosystem

The world is moving faster and is more connected than ever before. Unifying your talent platform and entire partner ecosystem will have the potential to bring about change on a global scale, realizing ambitions for finding and engaging with even more top talent. The open ecosystem allows companies to create and orchestrate a broad mix of recruiting strategies.

Integrate Seamlessly

The gr8 People Platform provides the foundation for companies to place themselves at the center of their talent ecosystem.  The ecosystem will quickly facilitate new relationships with customers, end-users, suppliers, alliance partners, smart devices, and sources of specialty talent.  

Work in Harmony with Open Rest API

Create seamless integrations with your favorite tools like LinkedIn, Assessment, Background Check, Job Requisition, HRIS and/or payroll providers via open, RESTful API.

Smart Scrape for Total Job Distribution

Don’t lift a finger to post jobs. Utilize scraping technology to scrape your career site and deliver your jobs to pre-selected locations — ensure complete accuracy, and confidence knowing it’s always up to date  

Eliminate Password Fatigue with Single Sign-On

Enable a seamless authentication experience. SSO and SAML enables an enterprise single sign-on (SSO) environment so your users will now be able to log into gr8 People once – just set it and forget it. This means users no longer need to remember various system login credentials and companies don’t have to manage a myriad of custom SSO integrations.

Comprehensive Analytics to Drive Action & Change

Uncover the hidden truths of productivity, predictability, conversions and outcomes all while unlocking powerful insights to drive organizational change and readiness.

Unlock the Value of Information

The most effective recruiting enterprises thrive on sources of rich, timely, and actionable information. The insights they gain help them to decide where the workforce will go next, how to make better talent decisions faster, and how to drive greater efficiency in their operations and processes. The gr8 People platform unlocks the value of the information with a single view of your business intelligence to see the whole picture from every touch point, from source to onboard, all in one-experience.

One Data Continuum to Tell Your Story

One source to connect, analyze and visualize all your talent data in just a few clicks, to tell your talent story with significant insights, intelligence and results. 

Sourcing Analytics

gr8 People’s Sourcing Analytics provide statistics that map out your most successful sources for leads and candidates as well as those least productive to help drive investment decisions. Additionally, you can receive a daily pipeline update straight to your inbox ensuring that you don’t miss out on an opportunity to connect with leads immediately after they’ve expressed interest

Marketing Analytics

Effective Recruitment Marketing is a critical component of any organization’s sourcing strategy. With gr8 People’s Marketing Analytics, you have access to powerful data and information about Pipeline, Job and Nurture campaigns such as email conversion rates, click-throughs and more to help you determine what campaigns work well and how to refine them to optimize your efforts.

Hiring Analytics

It’s all about the Hire! gr8 People’s Hiring Analytics view provides a quarterly snapshot of hires, openings, applicants, offers and acceptances with benchmarking against the prior quarter providing you visibility of Quarter over Quarter trending information.

Quality & Productivity Analytics

These analytics provide insights into why positions are accepted or declined as well as top jobs, top candidates and length of posting to help you better evaluate not only the quality, but the productivity of your talent acquisition process.

Process Efficiency Analytics

In order to effectively measure the efficiency of your talent acquisition process, access to time-to-fill and apply process metrics as well as funnel throughput is paramount. gr8 People’s analytics provides a look at time-to-fill windows with benchmarking about current and past requisitions and hires. Funnel Throughput analysis includes stage-to-stage ratios and funnels which provide insights into chokepoints in both the sourcing and recruitment processes allowing for quick remediation.

Safe, Secure and Compliant for All

Best-in-Class EEO / OFCCP compliance / E.U.-U.S. Privacy Shield / U.S. - Swiss Safe Harbor Framework. We continually update, rigorous safeguards to maintain the highest security and maximum uptime.

It’s Safe and Secure

Protect your data with world-class physical, network, application, and data-level security. gr8 People maintains a formal and comprehensive security program designed to ensure the security and integrity of customer data; protecting against security threats or data breaches, and preventing unauthorized access to data.

Best in Class Security and Reliability

gr8 People maintains a formal, comprehensive and best-in-class security program designed to ensure the security and integrity of customer data, protect against security threats or data breaches, and prevent unauthorized access to the data of our customers. 

Data Segregation

gr8 People is a multi-tenant Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. Multi-tenancy is a key feature aspect of the gr8 People Platform that enables multiple customers to share one physical instance while isolating each customer tenant’s application data.

Physical Security

gr8 People co-locates its production platform in state-of the-art Data Centers designed to host mission-critical computer systems with fully redundant subsystems and compartmentalized security zones. gr8 People Data Centers incorporate the strictest physical security measures, performance and high-availability.

E.U.-U.S. Privacy Shield

gr8 People is certified in its compliance with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework. gr8 People is committed to subjecting all personal data received from European Union (EU) member countries, in reliance on the Privacy Shield Framework, to the Framework’s applicable Principles.

U.S. - Swiss Safe Harbor Framework

gr8 People complies with the U.S. – Swiss Safe Harbor Framework as set forth by the U.S. Department of Commerce regarding the collection, use and retention of personal data from Switzerland. gr8 People, Inc. has certified that it adheres to the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles of notice, choice, onward transfer, security, data integrity, access, and enforcement.


The Platform Ready for the Next gr8 Thing

A single code-base keeps innovation at the forefront with all customers on the same version of code. New features, ideas and input are shared offering all an unfair advantage.

The Right Platform for Today - Always Ready for What’s Next Tomorrow

With the gr8 People Platform users can seamlessly manage all phases of the talent lifecycle from a single, one-experience platform—one that’s intrinsically flexible, highly scalable, future-proof, and built for the most sophisticated enterprises.

One-Experience Talent Platform ™

A single version across all customers, while delivering candidate experiences that are simple, accommodating, and personalized, where all key components are from the same partner – CRM, Recruitment Marketing, ATS and Onboarding – ready for your bespoke selection.

Built to be Digital

With gr8 People, you gain the flexibility to interact with anyone, anywhere using the connectivity methods including online, mobile, and social. Our digital capabilities employ new-generation RESTful APIs and a context-aware, responsive design for maximum ease of use and adaptability across devices.

Built to Integrate

With gr8 People, you can easily interoperate and integrate with your existing and future technology investments and systems. Our service-based platform provides application and pre-integration capabilities so you can painlessly connect to third-party applications and new data sources as your business grows.

Built to Evolve

Extend your talent ecosystem at market speed without modifying your base software or putting future upgrades at risk. Whether you’re turning on functionality or extending the platform, your core components are always insulated from potential disruptions.

Built to Never Outgrow

Scale horizontally, vertically, and elastically as your business grows without sacrificing performance—in the cloud. Our core platform architecture uses standard Java approaches to scale to thousands of concurrent users and millions of activities, ensuring that you’ll never outgrow it.

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