The Platform of a New Generation

"One" Changes Everything

Talent leaders make significant investments to assure they are finding, engaging and hiring the best talent. They are relentlessly focused on enabling the overall recruiting culture and driving talent initiatives. In order for these to succeed they need a single, one-experience talent platform that brings sourcing, marketing, hiring and onboarding strategies into a seamless ecosystem; significantly improving productivity, empowering the free flow of information, and driving better talent decisions faster.

The gr8 People Platform creates this one-experience driving significant value for users. Whether selecting individual components or leveraging the entire platform to source, engage, hire and collaborate, our platform addresses the most complex requirements of the enterprise marketplace.

Out of Silos. Into Simplicity. One-Experience Recruiting and Productivity.

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One Platform

A single version across all customers, while delivering candidate experiences that are simple, accommodating, and personalized, where all key components are from the same vendor – CRM, Recruitment Marketing, ATS and Onboarding – ready for your bespoke selection

One Architecture

Modern. Elastic. Next Generational. A multi-tenant, cloud-based architecture that supports every industry, size or location. Built to not only offer robotic automation, but also operate as the user needs it to operate - local, global, role-based, with extensive configuration.

One User Interface

End-users first – yes, that’s paramount. The goals are clear: make the end-user better in every interaction. Work with a team that is eager to engage with individual users, understand processes and watch elastic workflows solve practical problems for users every day.

One Voice

Collaboration is key to bringing recruiters, information, and business together to hire the best, drive engagement and deliver meaningful results. With collaboration agile teams work together to share content, knowledge and interactions without barriers.

One Ecosystem

One vision for recruiting that brings all aspects of talent acquisition and its partner ecosystems into one-experience without the need for separate tools, logins or technical expertise. It’s the platform that connects everything into a single hiring system of record.

One Story

Visual analytics and insights to tell your talent story from source to onboard – all the data at your fingertips.