Source, build & nurture

Find & engage top talent faster

Source, build & nurture

The challenge

Digital technology is everywhere

It has disrupted our workplaces, demanded the consumerization of the candidate journey and elevated the art of talent acquisition.

Your approach needs to have the flexibility to evolve to meet the expectations of the talent you seek and the way you need to work to succeed.

The solution

Change your engagement strategy

Think about how you currently engage with and manage your talent pipeline. Next, think about how you can better connect, nurture and convert top talent into an applicant with an agile Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) inspired by marketing, but 100% purpose-built for talent acquisition.

GR8 CRM is essential to Ratner winning the war for talent in our industry. It has allowed us to engage with talent in a more personalized and automated manner, giving our team the ability to do what they do best—interact with and hire the best talent.

Jessica Masse, Field Recruiting/Project Team Leader
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Features and Functions

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Unlimited talent communities and landing pages

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Robust campus and event, employee referral and internal mobility capabilities

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Automation of personalized recruitment marketing email and auto-drip campaigns to nurture and engage as well as AI auto-scheduling

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Bidirectional ATS integration

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Community profile, enrichment and segmentation

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Automated talent delivery and matching to populate candidate pipelines

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Text messaging for real-time candidate communication and a consumer-like experience

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Advanced intelligence, analytics and data

Intuitive | Intelligent | Indespensible

Talent acquisition now plays a pivotal role as a strategic partner with the business. Our GR8 CRM will transform how your talent team is recognized inside, outside and across the enterprise. It will also soon become one of the most indispensible components of your forward-thinking recruitment strategy.

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Why GR8 CRM?

More than ever before, companies must discover, convert and nurture talent inside, outside and across the enterprise, fueled by talent CRM technology and driven by data. Let us show you our GR8 way.

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Recruit like a marketer

Precisely reach and engage more candidates and targeted segments with campaigns and marketing automation at a speed that paces well in advance of demand. Easily drag and drop your employer brand's images, video and text to "go live" online on any device in real-time.


Measure like a pro

Having the data you need makes a shift from being reactive to proactive possible. An easy-to-use and understand dashboard delivers marketing, sourcing, hiring, quality, productivity, process, predictive and prescriptive analytics. Peer into a complete funnel analysis and finally have the data to start measuring what matters to drive decisions.

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