Talent acquisition's Eureka! moment is here

AI for recruiting

Talent acquisition's Eureka! moment is here
The challenge

Unlimited possibilities with limited time

Every day the demand on recruiters to produce more, in less time, intensifies. It’s a considerable challenge to search and discover candidates and build worthwhile recruiting pipelines with the right fit at today’s scale.

Once candidates are matched, delivering an authentic and personalized experience is often difficult. This is where automation and AI technology become vital to talent acquisition.

The solution

Discover a brilliant way to use AI for recruiting

Your time is valuable. Make every second count. As soon as you create a job, our AI and machine learning technology automatically produces matched and scored candidates. Personalized communications are immediately activated through automation to start the recruiting process and continuously engage candidates. Recruiters instantly rediscover candidates and colleagues they already have and talent pipelines are kept fresh and full. Time and focus are (finally) given back to talent acquisition. EUREKA! The best talent is hired faster.

Blog post

Native AI-Empowered Recruiting is Here: See and hear GR8 People VP of Product Chris Cella share the story of GR8 People’s EUREKA!

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Features and Functions

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Receive matched, scored and qualified candidates immediately after opening a job

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Improve the candidate experience with instant personalized communications that automatically deliver ideal career opportunities

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Continuously engage with connected candidates at a frequency they set for themselves

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Tap into the talent gold mine you already have in your databases for better, faster matches through artificial intelligence and automation

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Unlock employee potential by identifying and communicating internal mobility opportunities

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Harness machine learning to ensure continuous improvement by adjusting search criteria for the best results

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Keep talent pipelines fresh and full for recruiting success

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Access insights into results to better measure performance and report on ROI


Talent acquisition can now multiply what’s possible with AI-driven technology. By leveraging automation and the power of machine learning, recruiters can identify the most accurate matches and facilitate candidate engagement. Making hiring decisions, faster.

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The world’s best talent has met its match with EUREKA! All you have to do is open a job. GR8 People’s AI-powered solution lets you implement autonomous talent delivery seamlessly with instant impact. Improve your talent pipelines, candidate engagement and hiring.


Stay in the driver’s seat

Performance powered by people and machine learning drives results—especially search results. EUREKA! employs powerful matching technology that blends the ability of the recruiter to refine search criteria with their own critical thinking.


Enhance the candidate experience

No more black hole. EUREKA! also delivers continuous candidate engagement and connects current employees with internal mobility opportunities for their career growth. All candidates are able to indicate interest, apply for jobs and control how often they want to receive communications.

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