Campus & event recruiting

Hire Next Gen Talent with Next Gen Software

The challenge

Competition on campus is fierce

With competition for candidates at an all-time high, recruiters must employ smarter tactics and technology to attract, engage and nurture the best and brightest at their events and on campus.

The solution

Stand out from the crowd

From your first encounter with a potential candidate, create an experience that will guide them on your employer brand journey with ease and efficiency all the way through to hire.

Next Gen (Z) Campus Recruiting

5 Must Haves for Hiring

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Features and Functions

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Pre-event automated self-scheduling and screening

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Build unlimited landing pages to promote, target and pre-register each event

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Online or offline recruiting through robust mobile app capabilities

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Simplify resume uploads (no paper!) and onsite check-ins via tablet

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Mobile optimized and configurable assessment forms

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Post-event nurture campaigns

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Automation of tasks, including reminders

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Measure ROI on all event metrics in remarkable detail

Events should be eventful

Make every event memorable for all the right reasons. Get creative and innovative in the ways you choose to market and engage with talent. You will succeed with campus and event software that elevates every experience. Then enjoy the benefit of analyzing all of the data you need to leverage the GR8est event strategy imaginable.

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Why GR8 People for Campus & Event Management?

GR8 People offers you the flexibility to automate, manage and measure every activity in your event and campus recruiting strategies. Your team will thank you as well as the talent you seek.

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Self-schedule & screen

Keep things moving. The pace is lightning fast when competition is this fierce. Be the first to get top talent scheduled and engaged while giving back valuable time to your team with automated self-scheduling and pre-screening.


Measure, track & analyze

Be a track star. Your pipeline tells a story. Track your time to fill, conversion metrics and so much more with configurable and built-in dashboards to identify key trends and metrics on each of your events.