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The Role of Talent Platform UX in Better Recruiter Experiences and Talent Outcomes

The Role of Talent Platform UX in Better Recruiter Experiences and Talent Outcomes

It’s no secret that an intuitive UX drives technology adoption and ensures that users get the most out of a product or service. When it comes to enterprise recruiting software, the need to continually enhance and refine the platform’s UX is of particular importance due to the breadth and depth of today’s enterprise applicant tracking systems and the increasingly advanced features and functionality that are the result of significant industry innovation.

Given this, the product and development teams at GR8 People are driven by the basic premise that the power of the system is diminished if the recruiters and hiring managers who rely on our talent platform to do their jobs can’t quickly and easily access the functionality that matters most to them. It’s a view shared by many of the talent acquisition teams we work with and, as HR.com notes in its 2019 State of Applicant Tracking Systems report, one expressed by the many HR professionals who view ATS technology that is “too automated, complicated and invasive” as a major risk to their operations.

Designing for Simplicity and Success

In completing GR8 People’s most recent UX redesign, we turned to the voice that always guides us—that of our customers. Their ongoing feedback heavily influenced the design of our platform’s new vertical navigation menu because it allowed us to honor what already works, evolve and highlight new capabilities. We kept things simple by putting menu items where people expect to find them and by creating link labels that are clear and relevant. We adhered to design principles that support the goal of developing an environment in which moving from one area of the platform to another is seamless.

More specifically, these UX enhancements came to life as follows:

• Our global add feature means that recruiters can add any type of record (jobs, people, leads, events, etc.) from anywhere in the system. This maintains continuity and, therefore, productivity because it eliminates disruptions to tasks already underway. After all, nothing is more jarring than being sidetracked in the middle of an activity and losing time because you then had to struggle to find you way back to what you were doing.

• For system administrators and superusers, a focused utilities menu addresses their unique needs by bringing the most-accessed features and functionality to the forefront. This is another instance of how improved navigation menu design should always be done with the objective of ridding a system of redundancy, which can often happen inadvertently as systems grow in complexity.

• Our emphasis on in-demand application visibility delivers top-level access to related talent platform components and natively built applications, such as the GR8 BRAND drag-drop-done career website builder, campaign tools and templates, and GR8 People’s text recruiting solution. This gives users immediate access to related capabilities from anywhere within the platform for greater overall ease of use.

Where to Next?

Our latest UX enhancements are just another example of how GR8 People keeps pace with the shifting needs of talent acquisition—needs that will continue to evolve rapidly as we emerge from the impacts of the global coronavirus pandemic. Anticipating these needs by remaining committed to the voice of the customer while envisioning how to evolve our One-Experience Talent Platform next will allow us to continually enhance the UX in ways that facilitate the recruiting efficiencies and effectiveness that lead to strong talent and business results.

See for yourself what it looks like when you pair a seamless UX with the most purposefully built enterprise recruiting software on the market. Demo GR8 People today.

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