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Rebranding: An exercise in gr8ness for GR8 People

You know when it's time for a change

Rebranding: An exercise in gr8ness for GR8 People

You know when it is time for a change.

That's true even for brands. Ensuring that GR8 People's brand reflects and communicates to the world who we are, why we are here and our vision for gr8ness is an integral part of my role in the company. A change for our brand made sense this year.

We grew the business by more than 495% in 2017, increased headcount over 40% and are about to move into spectacular new headquarters before we kick off 2019.

Change is good.
Uncovering our brand involved much discovery and rediscovery of where we've been and where we want to go. Our mission, vision and values were grown and articulated in a series of memorable and fun team meetings. Visually, our brand was next in line to get an update that aligned.

As a marketer and brand champion, I'm excited to present some of what's been accomplished with the visual representation of the GR8 People brand and even more excited to share with you why.

Our New Logo
Our logo is brand new, but it's also an evolution of the original. Its origin was inspired by a victory stance. Think about when you raise your arms in absolute triumph. It's when you really feel success. It's also how you show to yourself, or anyone that's watching, that 'you did it' without saying a word. You tend to also see us striking that pose — when we achieve customer success, win a new partnership, add another gr8 person to the team and so much more.

Our logo depicts that real human emotion and how we want others to feel when they choose GR8 People. Because we did when we chose to work here too.

Our Name
While our name remains the same, you may be curious about the back story. It came to be because it sums up everything our software helps our customers find – GR8 People. In two words it also describes the people on our team and the customers we attract.

Our Website
When I started this project, collectively we all wanted to make sure that our brand's look and feel was versatile. After all, our talent acquisition software is built to evolve and designed to never outgrow. You will start to experience an expanded and updated color palette and consistency in an identity system that more clearly speaks to our platform's core components:

GR8 Brand
GR8 Hire

A perfect place to start that new experience is on our updated website: gr8people.com.

We’ve given it a makeover and I hope that you enjoy learning more about our software, unique history, people, resources and more in its new format. Our work is not done, so stay tuned. There will be more content and a steady stream of updates to our site's pages month over month.

We're doing gr8 things for talent acquisition at GR8 People. What our brand stands for is one way we show it.

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