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Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness. Thankfulness may consist merely of words. Gratitude is shown in acts.
—David O. McKay

American educator David O. McKay’s quote articulating the difference between gratitude and thankfulness is one of my favorites, mostly because it reflects a philosophy I’ve always felt strongly about—actions speak louder than words.

At the same time, I believe it’s vital to recognize just how much our words matter and the power they have in both influencing our outlook and informing our actions, especially given the tumultuous year we’ve all been through. As such, it’s important to me that I take note of two things for which I am extremely grateful as 2020 comes to an end: our customers and our GR8 People team.

Our GR8 Customers

As I wrote in September in recognition of Global Talent Acquisition Day, I am humbled by the profession’s accomplishments and the extraordinary disruptions to hiring strategy, process and candidate experience that recruiters continue to overcome. The agility with which they have navigated the pandemic has advanced the talent acquisition profession permanently and provided further evidence that these exceptional practitioners are quite deserving of their seat at the table.

I am GR8ful to be a partner in their journey, working alongside our current customers by helping them meet the extraordinary demands that are a result of the pandemic. It’s times like this that cement the value of true partnership and the difference between customer service and customer success.

At GR8 People, customers have always been at the heart of everything we do. These exceptionally talented talent acquisition professionals and avid supporters of our company provide incredible feedback and business insight to help GR8 People continue to deliver world-class products and services. Their efforts and accomplishments are a source of immense pride for our team, and we are always grateful for the opportunity to work side by side with them.

In our industry, there’s no shortage of talent acquisition technology solutions, so the chance to demonstrate what makes GR8 People different—while always welcome—holds particular meaning in 2020. Personally, I am excited to continue to show talent acquisition teams “what’s next” as we remain committed to thinking beyond “the way it’s done” to arrive at new and better ways of doing.

Our GR8 People

Of course, none of the achievements outlined above would be possible without the people for which I am so proud to call my colleagues, my friends and my family. It’s no coincidence that we are GR8 People, and while the name has many layers to it—from the need to perform exceptionally as a recruiter and to securing the best possible talent—it’s always been a nod to our belief that good technology is just the beginning. You need a good partner at your side to realize the best possible outcomes.

But what exactly does being a good partner look like?

Again, it’s about going beyond words and embodying the behaviors that characterize good partnerships. All software providers offer some level of customer service, but not everyone is devoted to the principle that customer success happens when there’s meaningful investment in making sure that customers get the most out of our platform no matter the recruiting need or talent acquisition challenge.

One example that comes to mind is the time our customer success team has invested to ensure the success of talent acquisition teams using our Virtual Recruiting Event Solution for the first time. They went above and beyond by building campaign and landing page templates and guiding customers through event best practices simply because so many of them needed this help to get up and running quickly. The actions of the customer success team reflect our values and align with our decision early on to #BeSupportive to the talent acquisition industry as they grappled with the pandemic’s impacts to their recruiting efforts.

Finally, being a good partner applies to how we at GR8 People work together to get things done. Everyone at the company channeled a collective resiliency to move both our customers and the business forward since the onset of the pandemic. I am incredibly appreciative of each team member’s ability to navigate 2020’s unique workplace complexities and pivot as required to respond to customer needs while continuing to innovate the platform. The GR8 People team embodies character, ability and integrity. Together, they are the foundation for our customers’ trust. I could not be prouder.

So, my heartfelt thanks to everyone—our longtime partners, our newest customers, our shareholders, and to the extraordinary team members who put the GR8 in GR8 People. I wish everyone a happy, safe and healthy Thanksgiving holiday.

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