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Global Talent Acquisition Day 2020: A Celebration Of Recruiting’s Rock Stars

Global Talent Acquisition Day 2020: A Celebration Of Recruiting’s Rock Stars

Who could possibly have imagined as we entered 2020 that talent acquisition would face extraordinary disruptions to hiring strategy, process and candidate experience—and in a matter of days, no less. The profession’s ability to adapt with agility and innovation is just one of the many reasons I am humbled to be a partner in their journey to a new normal and thrilled to recognize all the recruiting rock stars out there on Global Talent Acquisition Day.

Over the past several months I’ve seen countless examples of the ability to meet rapidly-changing business needs while navigating a complex environment that will continue to change as companies emerge from COVID-19 setbacks.

• There’s the 50,000-employee health system that adapted our recruiting software functionality to enable the creation of flex pools, customizing internal employee workflows so they could quickly process “candidates” for the assignments. Recruiters were then able to match current employees against job criteria and move the matches swiftly through the assessment and role assignment process to realize hundreds of redeployments.

• A team of retail recruiters turned to a virtual recruiting event strategy when they were tasked to lead a major customer service center staffing initiative in a highly competitive market. COVID-19 meant their typical approach of hosting in-person open houses wasn’t possible, so they went virtual and began advertising their event on a Friday. By Monday, 48 of 50 interview slots were filled—an accomplishment even more impressive considering it was the July 4th holiday weekend.

• Concerned they would lose recent in-demand physical therapy hires to competitors when new hire start dates had to be delayed because of COVID-19, a talent acquisition leader rose to the challenge. Her team created an automated nurture campaign that highlighted all the reasons the physical therapists chose to join in the first place, along with messages reminding them the company was thinking of them and excited for their onboarding to begin. The result was a 100% email open rate, plus all new hires have been retained and are starting their onboarding programs according to the revised schedule.

• When a national provider of skilled nursing facilities and home health agencies needed to move its facility-based hiring events to a virtual environment, recruiters evaluated virtual recruiting event technology in record time by assessing the tools they already had in place against potential solutions to fill in the gaps and support a smooth transition to virtual events. Once a solution was in place, they were able to host their events seamlessly while using pre-screening knockout questions to ensure candidate quality and self-scheduling for greater efficiency. A hiring process that used to take more than a week now happens in one day.

Along the way, it has become increasingly clear that virtual tools and automation are delivering unparalleled value to hiring process efficiency. This is why we chose to develop a Virtual Recruiting Event Solution that’s focused on giving talent acquisition teams everything they need to market and manage their virtual events, including post-event candidate nurturing and engagement, while taking advantage of automation throughout the process.

So, here’s to all the recruiting rock stars who are transforming their talent acquisition operations and realizing tremendous outcomes during the most difficult of times. GR8 People is proud to be your team’s partner in this journey and remains committed to your success—no matter what lies ahead.

Our commitment to talent acquisition’s success includes our Virtual Recruiting Event Solution. Learn more about how it can help your organization connect with, capture and convert top talent.

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