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Best 2019 GR8 People Blog Takeaways: How To For Recruiting

Best 2019 GR8 People Blog Takeaways: How To For Recruiting

There’s no shortage of advice when it comes to how organizations can improve their talent acquisition outcomes by changing the way they do things, and the GR8 People blog is no exception. We tapped into our subject matter experts throughout the year to deliver the most helpful guidance on everything from building the case for new applicant tracking software (ATS) to leveraging technology to reduce time to fill. Here’s a closer look at what resonated most.

Key Takeaway #1: There’s a Strong Case to Make for Investing in New TA Tech

With ATS dissatisfaction registering at extremely high levels, it didn’t surprise us that recruiting professionals welcomed the tips included in How To: Build the Case for a New ATS. After all, no enterprise organization wants to approve yet another tech purchase, so building a bullet-proof case is a must for talent acquisition teams in need of replacing sub-par or legacy systems sooner rather than later.

While ATS deficiencies and the corresponding negative impacts may be obvious to the recruiters who must use the system, or create time-consuming workarounds, to get their jobs done, the challenges aren’t necessarily clear to those in finance or procurement. Therefore, the best approach is to speak their language by crafting a rationale that is driven by data and expressed through the numbers to which they will relate.

One good place to start is by quantifying the daily impact of current vacancies on business revenue, which can be achieved most quickly by calculating the loss based on overall average revenue per employee. Once this is determined, talent acquisition can use the figures to demonstrate the savings that can be realized by reducing a percentage of the vacancies through the use of improved technology.

Key Takeaway #2: Readiness Audits Are Critical to Successful HR Tech Selection

Anyone in the HR profession knows that the talent acquisition technology market is evolving rapidly, and, in an effort to keep up, many teams are looking to implement solutions sooner rather than later. Yet, as emphasized in The How and Why of Conducting a Recruiting and AI Automation Readiness Audit, rushed decisions often lead to poor outcomes.

That’s why TA teams should take a step back and examine how they might improve their needs assessment and planning efforts before diving headfirst into vendor reviews. More specifically, a recruiting and AI readiness audit prepares teams for success by helping them determine exactly where in the recruiting process humans and technology will interact and what that means for recruiting process tasks.

The audit begins with the mapping of all phases of an organization’s hiring process along with the identification of the tasks that are best suited for AI or automation. Other activities focus on determining visibility into risks and acknowledging the negative aspects of standardization. Upon completion of the audit, HR functions will find they are well positioned to conduct vendor reviews that lead to far better decisions regarding recruiting technology selection.

Key Takeaway #3: Good Technology Is GR8 at Reducing Time to Fill

One of the most challenging aspects of the hiring process, from both the recruiter and the candidate perspective, is how long it still takes. While there are many factors at play here, the reality is that there are several opportunities available to recruiters who want to move candidates through the pipeline faster.

As outlined in 3 GR8 Ways to Move Candidates Through Your Pipeline Faster, talent acquisition teams are achieving success by taking advantage of self-scheduling technology for phone screens and interviews, dramatically cutting down on all the back-and-forth that typically occurs with email and voicemail. Resume routing, which allows hiring managers to weigh in on candidates with a simple click of the button without logging into the ATS, also helps by ensuring that the critical feedback needed to move candidates forward is received quickly and seamlessly.

Over time, these process adjustments can add up to significant gains in both recruiting efficiency and candidate quality.

Many thanks to all the outstanding GR8 People team members and innovative customers who shared their expertise and insights throughout 2019. Here’s to 2020 and another year full of #GR8Thinking!

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